Optimize Your Contact Center with Teneo 

Teneo.AI automates your current Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) to deliver the results you're looking for: 

Boost Accuracy to +95%

Cut LLM costs by 98%

Ensure Scalability

Inject Control

Optimize Your Contact Center with Teneo

Why Teneo is Your Solution

Teneo.AI enables you to automate any CCaaS to provide the most accurate customer service experience available on the market with Generative AI and Conversational AI.



High Churn? Are inaccurate customer interactions eroding trust and satisfaction? Add 95-100% Accuracy with the combination of Teneo's unmatched NLU and deterministic TLML.



Slash Generative AI costs by 98% with's intelligent orchestration—maximizing ROI with prompt adaptation and LLM approximation for smarter, faster customer service.



Struggling to expand support and integrate Generative AI across platforms? Teneo's orchestration on top of your CCaaS brings effortless expansion, AI integration, and support across languages. 



No control with Generative AI? Escalating costs in customer service? Get control with Teneo while ensuring top-notch service and saving millions.

Scalable, Simple,

Experience an AI orchestration platform put on top of your Contact Center that transforms customer accuracy, speed of resolution, magnify support capabilities and inject Generative AI control and save costs.


Seamlessly Orchestrates Your Contact Center Ecosystem 

Teneo.AI seamlessly orchestrates your contact center tech stack, bringing together control for generative AI, data across systems for the best optimization and smoother customer journeys. Leverage an extensive and growing library of prebuilt backend and channel connectors.  

Teneo Architecture 2024

Automate and Orchestrate CX 

Teneo.AI combines the precision of Conversational AI with the dynamic adaptability of Generative AI, delivering a new paradigm in customer self-service that's both reliable and remarkably scalable. Explore our market leading accuracy with NLU with Generative AI technology. 

Natural Human Interactions

Engage with your customers through Teneo which resonate with their needs and emotions, powered by our NLU for control and accuracy, integrated with any LLM

Seamless Omnichannel Communication 

With Teneo, enable a cohesive customer experience across phone, web, and app channels, ensuring accurate and interactive communication in real-time.

Optimized Insightful Analytics

Leverage Teneo's comprehensive analytics to gain deep insights into customer conversations, from high-level trends to detailed message analysis.

Provide the Best Customer Experience for 2024 and Beyond 

Understand your customers better without a rip and replace. Achieve 95-100% unmatched accuracy in NLU, enhanced by TLML and LLMs.

The Best Customer Experience for 2024

Intelligent Routing 

Route the customer to the right agent. Teneo OpenQuestion is an IVR that considers customers intent, history, and current context for a smoother experience.

Supportive Real-Time Agent Assist

Equip your agents with Teneo's real-time suggestions for actions and responses, ensuring a +30% improvement in First Contact Resolution Rate.

Streamlined Routine Task Automation 

Free your agents from repetitive tasks with Teneo's standard process templates and productivity tools, allowing them to focus on what matters most.

Teneo Copilot

Teneo Copilot allows you to use any LLM to generate entries into your Teneo solution. Effortlessly create new entries and responses using Copilot's user-friendly interface, speeding up your workflow and enhancing your development skills.

Fastest Pace to AI Automation 

The fastest route to Contact Center Automation. Plug-in the Teneo OpenQuestion, the Conversational IVR that reduces misrouting by 90%.

Fastest Pace to AI Automation

Boundless Scalability

Orchestrates any CCaas with Generative AI and reshapes customer experiences. Teneo has a consistent auto scalability.

Limitless Growth

Support millions of customer interactions daily across channels and across languages.

Rapid Integration of LLMs

Accelerate your workforce with Generative AI, from intent recognition to bot testing. Teneo is designed to deliver maximum value in record time.

Rapid ROI

With Teneo, intelligent contact center automation is straightforward and accessible in 60 days.

Rapid ROI Call Center

A Platform Built for Enterprise Demands

Uncompromising Security and Compliance

Your data's security is paramount with Teneo, featuring comprehensive measures from encryption to access control. 

Adaptable and Composable

Integrate Teneo into your tech stack with confidence, ensuring a future-proof and adaptable solution for your evolving needs.

Fully Customizable Platform

Teneo offers the flexibility to customize your AI agents exactly to your specifications, with or without coding expertise.

Handle More.
Deliver Excellence.

Experience real impact in Generative AI. High volume handling, improves service quality, even with increased volumes. Scales and collaborates across no-tech, low-tech, and pro-tech teams.

9 Million Calls

Calls per Year Supported


20% Call Handling Cost Reduction

Call Handling Cost Reduction

Healthcare Tech Leader

2Min Reduction in Average Hold Time

Reduction in Average Hold Time


+6 percent Increase in IVR Resolution Rate

Increase in IVR Resolution Rate

Telefónica Germany

A Teneo Success Story

For a comprehensive look at how Teneo is transforming customer interactions and driving real results, explore our detailed case study.

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