Maximize Precision with Teneo's NLU Accuracy Booster

Revolutionize Your Contact Center's NLU Accuracy and Efficiency

Without Teneo Accuracy Booster
With Teneo Accuracy Booster

Discover the power of Teneo's TLML™ (Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language), the deterministic language understanding system that transforms your contact center's AI from smart to brilliant, orchestrating any CCaaS and significantly turbo charging NLU accuracy to 95-100%.

Teneo's NLU Accuracy Booster™ Benefits

Teneo Accuracy Booster Benefits

30% NLU Accuracy Increase

TLML™ turbo charges NLU accuracy to 95-100% as shown in actual testing. The Teneo Accuracy Booster™ add a 30% improvement to current accuracy by including a deterministic layer on top of your NLU (Natural Language Understanding) and LLM (Large Language Model), enabling a level of precision that probabilistic models alone cannot achieve and without the need for custom coding.


Intelligent Clarification

With TLML, your Virtual Agent understands the context, significantly speeding up the go live time and minimizing ongoing cost of ownership


Simplified Management

Streamline virtual agents and dialogue management with TLML’s unified workflows, reducing the need for extensive rulesets, high-maintenance custom coding and manual intervention.

How it works

Single Flow * Unified Clarification * No Language Constraints  

Guardrails for Generative AI and Precision 

Implements safety measures at scale to ensure accuracy and relevance of AI-generated content as well as ensure correct interpretation of close-lying intents, while also protecting against prompt hacking.

Lower Cost 

No dependencies on metadata markup or custom scripts. No need to use static and ever-expanding rulesets. No need of increased demand for resources, additional infrastructure and personnel dedicated to maintenance and support. 

High-Functioning and Critical Component

Designed to optimize and scale performance across all aspects of bot and dialogue management.

Experience TLML™

Elevate your contact center to new heights of performance and customer satisfaction with Teneo's NLU Accuracy Booster™ — where every call counts, and every interaction is an opportunity for excellence.

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