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Enterprises safely use Teneo for large-scale implementations that generate several million records of customer data each month.

Teneo Security Center

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We are passionate about information security and aim to exceed the high standards of our clients’ requirements.

We implement security measures that we believe have real impact, and we strive for total transparency throughout the security provision process.

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Security Certificates

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is an international standard to manage information security.

Our entire organization is ISO 27001 certified, and our certificate and annex scope is available below.

Download ISO 27001 Certificate
Download ISO 27001 Annex Scope

SOC 2 Type I and II  

Teneo SaaS delivery is covered by our SOC 2 Type I and II report for the common Trust Service Principle: Security.

Our clients can have access to our SOC 2 Type I and II reports covering 2023 and onwards upon request. 

Privacy and Data Protection 

Data Processing

Teneo is GDPR and alike legislation compliant with regard to data protection. With Teneo, you’re guaranteed lawfulness, fairness, and transparency throughout every process activity.

We have a registered Data Protection Officer and support our clients with Data Processing Agreements where required.

Review our standardized DPA

Data Encryption 

SaaS features enable you to control, manage and protect your data. All customer data is encrypted in rest and in traffic and data residency can be determined by your selected SaaS data region.

Control Data Retention times, export the data where you see fit and even deploy your own Client-Managed encryption of Dialogue Data.

Review How to implement Client-Managed Encryption

Confidential Compute

For clients who want to take their privacy protection one step further, Teneo SaaS offers the feature to run the live solutions on Confidential Compute endpoints.  

Confidential computing protects data in use by shielding the memory space for the live solution endpoints through encryption.

Read more about Confidential Compute

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Our Security Principles Protect Millions of Consumers

Our job is to protect our customers’ solution, customer data and our own informational assets from privacy, integrity, availability and confidentiality perspectives.

We adhere to the zero-trust paradigm in the design and development of our Software as a Service and continuously develop our Information Security Management System to maintain the highest possible level of security.

Review our Security Objectives
Read more about Teneo SaaS Security Measures

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