Excel at Customer Service Automation with Teneo

Experience unmatched accuracy, control, and scalability in CCaaS. Your choice, your control, any Generative AI model.


Teneo stands at the forefront of CCaaS, offering a robust platform that ensures your contact center operates with unparalleled precision and efficiency. 

Teneo Accuracy Booster™

Tested and proven +95% accuracy. TLML's precision-enhancing layer boosts accuracy by intelligently analyzing and processing customer queries.

Generative AI Cost Optimization

Slash your operational costs by up to 98% with our Generative AI Cost Optimization, transforming your financial efficiency.

CCaaS AI Orchestration

Guides every customer interaction in a Contact Center with unmatched precision for peak satisfaction.

Absolute AI Control

Bringing together control for generative AI and traceability across systems for the best optimization.

Scalable Architecture

Expand effortlessly with Teneo's robust, scalable infrastructure. 

Open AI Ecosystem

The power of choice. Any CCaaS and Generative AI technology with open architecture. 

Teneo Copilot

Teneo Copilot allows you to use any LLM to generate entries into your Teneo solution. Effortlessly create new entries and responses using Copilot's user-friendly interface, speeding up your workflow and enhancing your development skills. 

Orchestrate AI with Precision

Contact Center AI Orchestration

Elevate customer experiences with AI. Our AI Contact Center Orchestration seamlessly enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction, setting new benchmarks in AI-driven interactions.

Contact Center AI Orchestration

CCaaS AI Orchestration

Teneo empowers you to choreograph every aspect of AI in your contact center, from initial customer contact to final resolution, with an orchestration layer that's second to none.

CCaaS AI Orchestration

Scalability & Performance

Scale Effortlessly with Advanced AI Solutions

Our Scalable AI adapts to your growth and is built to scale. Experience unmatched scalability in machine learning, ensuring consistent quality in customer interactions, regardless of volume and complexity without missing a beat.

Scale Effortlessly with Advanced AI Solutions

Adaptive AI Contact Center Solution 

Open & Flexible Platform for Contact Center 

Embrace flexibility with our open & flexible AI-Platform. Tailor your contact center with adaptive AI solutions, integrating seamlessly for innovative customer service experiences. With Teneo, you're not just choosing an AI platform; you're embracing an ecosystem that supports any AI model, ensuring flexibility and future-proofing your investment.

Open & Flexible Platform for Contact Center

Design Conversations That Resonate

Teneo Studio

Teneo Studio is your creative hub for building conversational AI experiences that captivate and engage. With no-code, low-code, and pro-code capabilities, it's the perfect canvas for visionaries and pragmatists alike. Our Customer Service Automation platform offers versatile tools for all skill levels, enabling engaging and effective customer interactions.

Teneo Studio

Secure & Scalable SaaS

Reliable Security Meets Scalable SaaS

Experience peace of mind with our enterprise grade security and scalable SaaS-platform. Our infrastructure is designed to effortlessly handle the most demanding loads, ensuring zero downtime. Combining top-tier security such as GDPR, Confidential Compute and ISO 27001 with scalable performance, our platform ensures your data and operations are always protected. 


Integration Across Services

Efficient AI Integration Across Services

Connect your conversational solutions to an array of services and platforms with Teneo's Integration Manager, making your workflows as efficient as they are powerful. The Teneo platform seamlessly integrates and improves accuracy.

Efficient AI Integration Across Services

Collaboration & Control across Multiple Teams

Collaborative AI for Team Synergy

Foster innovation with our AI for Team Collaboration. Teneo´s robust version control and access management systems ensure that every contribution is tracked and secure, facilitating smooth and secure development cycles, ensuring seamless collaboration and control.

Collaborative AI for Team Synergy

Streamline AI Deployment and Testing

Test & Deploy to Teneo’s Powerful Production Runtime

Accelerate your AI journey with Teneo´s powerful production runtime. Our environment ensures that your Contact Center solution are rigorously tested and seamlessly deployed. Key features like zero-downtime updates and auto-scaling are at the heart of our platform for your agility.


Data & APIs in AI

Maximize Potential with AI Data Management 

Unlock the power of your data with Teneo's AI APIs. Our platform enables custom integrations and deep insights that seamlessly connect your conversational solutions with frontends, data lakes, or CI/CD tools. transforming data into strategic business actions. 


Handle More.
Deliver Excellence.

Experience real impact in Generative AI. High volume handling, improves service quality, even with increased volumes. Scales and collaborates across no-tech, low-tech, and pro-tech teams.

9 Million Calls

Calls per Year Supported


20% Call Handling Cost Reduction

Call Handling Cost Reduction

Healthcare Tech Leader

2Min Reduction in Average Hold Time

Reduction in Average Hold Time


+6 percent Increase in IVR Resolution Rate

Increase in IVR Resolution Rate

Telefónica Germany

A Teneo Success Story

For a comprehensive look at how Teneo is transforming customer interactions and driving real results, explore our detailed case study.

Ready to redefine your contact center's AI strategy with the best in control and scalability?