Contact Center AI with Generative AI


Today's Challenges

Contact center challenges without Teneo
7 percent

7% of calls are abandoned due to IVR frustrations


35% of people press any button to reach a human

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42% of customers feel irritated before speaking to an agent

50 percent

50% find their technology stack to be a barrier

The Future with Teneo

Improved Accuracy

30% Increase in Accuracy:
Teneo's TLML™ ensure a significant leap in interaction accuracy. This means customers experience more accurate, relevant, and personalized responses.

Enhanced accuracy not only improves customer satisfaction but also builds trust and loyalty, as customers feel understood and valued.

call center ai - accuracy booster

FTE Reduction

Up to 50 FTEs Reduction:
Teneo's intelligent automation capabilities enable businesses to streamline their workforce. This reduction translates into substantial cost savings without compromising service quality.
Strategic Resource Allocation:
Freed-up resources can be redirected to more strategic, high-value areas, fostering innovation and growth.

call center ai - fte reduction

Call Containment

8% Reduction in Call Volume:
By effectively managing and resolving queries through OpenQuestion, significantly reduces the overall call volume.

Customer Convenience:
This reduction not only lowers operational costs but also enhances customer experience by providing quick and efficient resolutions.

call center ai - Call Containment


90% Reduction in Call Misrouting: Teneo's OpenQuestion sophisticated routing ensure that calls are directed accurately, greatly reducing misrouting instances. 
Enhanced First Call Resolution: This accuracy leads to a higher rate of first call resolution, a critical metric in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

call center ai - reduced misrouting

AI Integration

Generative AI Infusion: Teneo integrates cutting-edge generative AI across all channels and processes, ensuring a consistent and intelligent customer experience. 
Continuous Improvement: The AI system continuously learns and adapts, ensuring that the customer experience is always evolving and improving. 

call center ai - ai integration

Unified Tech and Channels

Seamless Integration: Teneo unifies various technologies and communication channels to provide a seamless experience for both customers and agents. 
Consistent Experience Across Channels: Whether it’s voice, chat, email, or social media, customers receive a consistent level of service, enhancing the overall brand experience. 

call center ai - Unified Tech and Channels

Roadmap to Generative AI Automation

What if we told you we can improve your CCAI? Transform the customer experience with Teneo Generative AI. Say goodbye to endless IVR menus and hello to seamless Contact Center AI. 

Leverage Contact Center Setup

Enhance your existing systems with our solution

Teneo Contact Center AI Features

Increase AI Automation

Streamline operations with advanced automation

Surge AI Accuracy

Benefit from built-in accuracy improvements

Reduce Wait Times

Eliminate scenarios where customer issues don't match menu options

Prevent Misroutes

Avoid the frustration of being passed between queues

Boost CCAI Current Accuracy

Add Teneo’s AI orchestration for a +30% immediate accuracy increase to your current Contact Center solution

Augment Call Deflection

Cut call by 90% and reduce FTEs by 10% with Teneo OpenQuestion.

Additional Benefits

Generative AI Flexibility

Work with any Generative AI model with full control.

Data Integration

Seamless flow between systems for real-time analytics.

Reduced Wait Times

Solve the "nothing matches my problem" issue.

Lower Costs

Smarter call distribution reduces labor and digital TCO.

Efficient Self-Service

Reliable chatbots and voice services.

Discover the Power of Teneo!

Ready to redefine your contact center's efficiency and customer satisfaction?