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Achieve unparalleled accuracy, control, and scalability with Teneo Powered Generative AI for Contact Centers. Safeguarded by robust data privacy, dive into actionable insights, continuous optimization, and rapid deployment with Teneo and LLMs

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Generative AI -

Accurate, Controllable
and Scalable

Achieve 95% First Contact Resolution

Teneo´s optimized accuracy for NLU, enhanced by LLMs directly impacts customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Complete AI Control

Say goodbye to misunderstandings. Teneo takes charge with granular control over Generative AI deployment in every customer interaction. 

Auto-Scalability at its Best

Ready to scale your generative AI customer service? So are we. Teneo handles high interaction volumes, offering users a consistent and unparalleled experience.

Handle More.
Deliver Excellence.

Experience real impact in Generative AI. High volume handling, improves service quality, even with increased volumes. Scales and collaborates across no-tech, low-tech, and pro-tech teams.

9 Million Calls

Calls per Year Supported


20% Call Handling Cost Reduction

Call Handling Cost Reduction

Healthcare Tech Leader

2Min Reduction in Average Hold Time

Reduction in Average Hold Time


+6 percent Increase in IVR Resolution Rate

Increase in IVR Resolution Rate

Telefónica Germany

A Teneo Success Story

For a comprehensive look at how Teneo is transforming customer interactions and driving real results, explore our detailed case study.

The Future of Voice and Chat 

With Teneo as your orchestration layer, you control what, when and which LLM or Generative AI you use to elevate real-time customer interactions.

Flexible LLM Selection

With Teneo, you can select your preferred LLM to ensure optimal performance and results.

Vendor Versatility

Select the best vendor for each individual use case so you always have access to the best in the market. 

Continuous Improvement

With Teneo's advanced features, you're not just setting and forgetting. You're continuously monitoring, analyzing, optimizing and improving.

Deep Analysis & Control

Teneo allows you to deeply analyze and optimize every interaction. Dive into actionable insights, refine performance and get granular control over every conversation. 

Introducing Teneo Copilot

Teneo Copilot allows you to use any LLM to generate entries into your Teneo solution. Effortlessly create new entries and responses using Copilot's user-friendly interface, speeding up your workflow and enhancing your development skills. 

Generate Classes

Generate Responses

Create Entities

Add Your Own LLM

GIF showing how to generate Example Training data and Example Test data based on a description in Teneo.
Accurate Personalization

Accurate Personalization

Experience tailored interactions with Teneo's Virtual Agents. Teneo adapts to conversation context and sentiment, offering both users and agents enriched interactions with features like dialogue summarization. Dive into a seamless experience where everyone understands and responds perfectly.

Sentiment Mastery

Sentiment Mastery

Conversations that truly understand the customer. Go beyond traditional sentiment analysis. Understand nuanced emotions like sarcasm for accurate user sentiment gauging. 

Uncompromised Data Protection

Ensure data security with Teneo's advanced measures, including ISO compliance. 

Data Privacy

Our ISO27001 certification show we take security seriously.

Confidential Computing on Teneo SaaS. As simple as flipping a switch, our customers can enable confidential computing for any endpoint in Development, QA, or Production.

All data in Teneo is encrypted, whether in motion or at rest, including TLS over HTTPS for data transfer and AES256 for data storage.

Granular AI Control

Maintain governance over AI interactions. Align every conversation with your brand's voice and objectives. 

Top-Tier Data Security

Prioritize user privacy with Teneo's data handling to get the full potential of Gen AI. Protect sensitive data even before processing.

Advanced security measures, including ISO compliance, ensure that user data is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Teneo's Uncompromised Data Protection

Additional Teneo and Generative AI Advantages

Teneo + Generative AI

Next-Gen Agent Support

Effortlessly create diverse layouts using customizable content blocks, allowing seamless integration of multimedia and data.


Teneo's Robust Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrates CRM for on-the-spot personalized summaries, equipping agents with tailored responses and actionable insights.


Teneo Gen AI Quick Start

Launch conversational solutions swiftly with Teneo. With Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Large Language Models (LLM), and the core Teneo platform, you get instant transformative results.

The Future of LLM:
AI Orchestration 

Endorsed by Apple, Google, and IBM for its groundbreaking technology in Natural Language Interaction (NLI) and Processing (NLP), Teneo stands as an award-winning SaaS platform. Join global enterprises in enhancing customer experiences with Teneo.

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