LLM and Knowledge AI in Customer Service

Teneo Knowledge AI

Redefine Customer Service with LLM-powered Q&A, RAG and Enterprise Search. Teneo Knowledge AI empowers you to drive CX innovation with next-gen generative question answering:

Cutting Edge Conversational AI

Large Language Models

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Vector Search Technology

Knowledge AI

CX Innovation 

Amaze customers with precise, contextual answers that are dynamically generated across structured and unstructured data sources in real time. 

Skyrocket CSAT Scores with Knowledge AI

Teneo ensures every customer interaction is accurate, consistent, standardized, and of the highest quality.

Empower Agents, Delight Customers

Equip your agents with ready-to-deliver answers, enhancing efficiency and ensuring customers leave satisfied. 


Empower customers to accomplish their goals in a single interaction. Through deep backend integrations, Teneo lets you combine Knowledge AI with the ability to serve and solve transactional queries from start to finish.

Slash AHT with LLM Customer Service

With Teneo, watch your Average Handle Time plummet with LLMs as customers swiftly find the answers they seek using LLM search. 

Instant, Accurate, Personalized

Integrating advanced Conversational AI and any Large Language Model, Teneo Knowledge AI propels you to lead in customer experience with state-of-the-art Enterprise Generative AI solutions 

Accurate Answers with Teneo Generative AI:

Precision and accurate, context-aware answers. Responses are dynamically crafted from both structured and unstructured data in real-time. 

Fast Answers with Generative AI:

Zero Wait. Cut down on agent search efforts and give customers the answers with any Generative AI LLM-model. 

Efficient Self-Service:

Why have multiple interactions when one will do? Reduce callbacks. Teneo ensures that the customer's journey is smooth as our powerful integration capabilities allows customer to accomplish their goal. 

Knowledge AI - Future of Agent Support

Teneo Knowledge AI is The Future of Agent Support

Agent Empowerment

Boost agent performance with Teneo's insights, interaction summaries, and real-time optimal response suggestions for peak potential. 

Faster Resolution Time

Instant Information Access is a shortcut to knowledge. Find the right info instantly, boosting efficiency and loved customers. 

Reduced Training Time

New agents can be onboarded faster as they don't need to memorize or search through vast databases; Teneo brings the information to them. 

Consistent Service

Every agent, regardless of experience, has access to the same information, ensuring consistent and accurate responses to customer queries. 

Improve Operational Efficiency

With Teneo, agents have the freshest support data at their fingertips.  

Personalized Interactions:

Teneo's Knowledge AI and seamless CRM integrations mean every conversation is tailored to each customer, turning ordinary interactions into memorable experiences.  

Teneo´s personalized output layer, makes interactions accurate and tailored to the individual user. 

Master Information Access with Teneo Knowledge AI


Optimal Performance with LLM Flexibility 

Tailor any LLM selection to perfectly match your needs and achieve unparalleled results with TLML.  

Choose Your Best Vendor Match

With Teneo, you can handpick any LLM-model for any unique scenario, ensuring you're always equipped with the market's best choice.  

Insightful Analysis & Mastery Control

Delve deep into every interaction with Teneo. Extract valuable insights, fine-tune performance, and command every conversation with precision.

Evolve with Teneo

Teneo's cutting-edge capabilities ensure your AI strategy is in a state of perpetual enhancement, adapting and excelling with every interaction.

Explore Teneo Knowledge AI in Action

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Connect your Enterprise-Specific LLM

Experience the transformative power of Large Language Models, all while ensuring enterprise-level reliability and compliance.Shape

Revolutionize Customer Interaction

Trained on your data – understands vast amounts of support knowledge, runs back office integrations and delivers full goal fulfillment to your users  - provide instant solutions to customer queries.

Effortless Integration & Management  

Say goodbye to cumbersome FAQ management and convoluted workflows. Integrate enterprise knowledge sources effortlessly, ensuring your Virtual Agent is always up-to-date, informed and ready. 

Reliability, Compliance, & Efficiency

Experience unparalleled reliability and compliance while launching your state-of-the-art Teneo Knowledge AI solution swiftly and efficiently.

Ready for the LLM Revolution?

Discover how Teneo amplifies your contact center's potential. Dive into the future. Dive into Teneo!

Why Wait?

Let customers access the information they need instantly!

Teneo Knowledge AI, fortified with RAG, cutting-edge vector search and LLMs, delves into diverse knowledge reservoirs to pinpoint and present the perfect answer.

Data Insights and Control for Knowledge AI


Unparalleled Data Clarity and Command

Navigate, refine, and enhance extracted content with ease. With Teneo, you can categorize, filter, and ensure the utmost accuracy in every response. Quality and Control. 


Trace Every Answer

With Teneo, you're never in the dark. Trace responses back to their source, ensuring transparency and trust.


Customizable User Experience

You're in the driver's seat. Whether it's text, rich media, or detailed references, Teneo gives you the control to decide the output.


Boost Your Support with Teneo Knowledge AI

Upgrade your contact center. Shift from traditional methods to quick, AI-powered answers.

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Launch conversational solutions swiftly with Teneo.

With Teneo QuickStart you can instantly transform your knowledge sources into state of art AI dialogues – while being fully confident of quality and control. Using Teneo data and optimization features your solution will quickly and effortlessly grow and learn from every interaction. All within an AI-enterprise level platform. #LowEffort #LowCost #Quick #Learn #Grow #Optimize

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