OpenQuestion: IVR for Smart Call Routing

Powered by AI technology | Designed with Open Architecture | Connected with Generative AI

Streamline call routing in record time and enjoy universal platform integration with OpenQuestion.
A cloud-based plug-in for enterprise call routing and contact center transformation.


how openquestion works

About OpenQuestion

OpenQuestion, powered by Teneo, is a cutting-edge AI IVR that enables contact center transformation with one simple module installation.

And no need to invest in infrastructure development or solution architecture...

openquestion - how can I help you, instead of press 1,2,3

"How Can I Help You Today?" 

Route customers to the right agent with a simple question: "How can I help you today?"

Reduce average handling time and provide a clear summary of relevant information to call agents.

What is OpenQuestion?

OpenQuestion revolutonizes customer experience and operational efficiency.

Designed for platform independence, connect to existing technology infrastructure no matter how your call center tech-stack is designed.

Utilizing advanced AI techniques, a patented Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language (TLML) and integrated conversational context

to evaluate and understand what customers need, evaluate sentences, recognize word patterns, and clearly identify caller needs.

This functionality interprets caller intent and swiftly routes customer calls to the most suitable agent, providing details of the request before the agent picks up.

openquestion - cost-effective - pay only what you use

Cost-Effective &
Simple Installation

OpenQuestion is cost-effective and simple to install.

Our subscription model is based on a basic fixed cost and call volumes, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

Customize to suit your contact center's needs and preferences.

$39M Projected Return on Investment

Global Top 5 Tech Company Implements Conversational IVR.

$39M projected ROI

30% reduction of misrouted calls

2 min reduction in Average Handling Time

Replaced failing keypad navigation

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How OpenQuestion Works...

Traditional Interactive Voice Response

Traditional IVR relies on generalized number menus that fail to provide callers with the most relevant options for their inquiries.

Conventional systems cannot supply agents with specific information about a call before it is answered. These limitations result in prolonged call handling times and subpar customer experiences.

how traditional IVRs work

The OpenQuestion Way

OpenQuestion addresses IVR pain points using advanced technology to understand the nature of calls using your customer's language.

By asking the question "How can I help?", provide a range of intelligent automated handling options that includes resolving customer calls without agent intervention.

Learn how Swisscom increased 21% in correct transfers


Transforming contact centers...

Connected with the latest Azure & OpenAI generative AI tech including GPT / ChatGPT.

Add to Microsoft, Amazon, Genesys, Google to transform your call center into a more dynamic, manageable, and adaptable operation.

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How Swisscom is Achieving Major Growth with Teneo

Read about Europe’s largest Contact Center transformation project.

21% increased in correct transfers

+18 points increase in tNPS

100% call load in 3 weeks

9 million calls per year in 4 languages

Discover the Future of IVR with OpenQuestion

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