Teneo OpenQuestion®: FCR for Contact Center Automation

A cloud based Conversational IVR plug-in for contact center automation that improve NLU accuracy to 95-100%. Reduces call misrouting by 90%.

openquestion - powered by ai technology

Powered by AI Technology

openquestion - open architecture

Open Architecture

openquestion - connected to generative ai

Connected with Generative AI

How Can I Help You Today?

Connect the right customers to the right agent with a simple question: "How can I help you today?"

Reduce AHT, average handling time, and provide a clear summary of relevant information to contact center agents.

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Understand what your customers want

Teneo OpenQuestion® Automates 
The Customer Experience

Patented AI Technique, TLML™, for Call Deflection

Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language and integrated conversational context to evaluate and understand what customers need, evaluate sentences, recognize word patterns, and clearly identify caller needs.

Patented AI Technique, TLML™, for Call Deflection

Improved Customer Intent Understanding

TLML™ directly adds an 30% improvement in accuracy by including a deterministic layer on top of your NLU and LLM. A level of precision that probabilistic models cannot achieve without the need for custom coding.

Improved Customer Intent Understanding

Plug-in for Any CCaaS

Easy connectivity without additional infrastructure needs for any CCaaS, including Genesys, Amazon Connect, Google, Microsoft, Nice, Five9.

OpenQuestion - Plug-in for Any CCaaS

Generative AI

Teneo’s intelligent orchestration allows you to leverage the Generative AI tool of your choice, be it OpenAI GPT, Meta LLaMa, Anthropic Claude or others, while keeping costs in check.

OpenQuestion: Generative AI

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Teneo Copilot

Teneo Copilot enables any LLM to generate entries in your Teneo solution, simplifying creation through a user-friendly interface, enhancing workflow, and fostering development skills.

Handle More.
Deliver Excellence.

Experience real impact in Generative AI. High volume handling, improves service quality, even with increased volumes. Scales and collaborates across no-tech, low-tech, and pro-tech teams.

9 Million Calls

Calls per Year Supported


20% Call Handling Cost Reduction

Call Handling Cost Reduction

Healthcare Tech Leader

2Min Reduction in Average Hold Time

Reduction in Average Handling Time


+6 percent Increase in IVR Resolution Rate

Increase in IVR Resolution Rate

Telefónica Germany

A Teneo Success Story

For a comprehensive look at how Teneo is transforming customer interactions and driving real results, explore our detailed case study.

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