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Conversational IVR Case Studies

Learn how companies around the world are implementing OpenQuestion to create better conversational customer experiences.

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Telefónica has set a new standard for success in the telecommunications industry with the launch of an OpenQuestion solution that has radically improved customer engagement via omnichannel user support.

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Swisscom has built and developed a range of Teneo-based conversational voice solutions at the forefront of their contact center. OpenQuestion is helping to drive digital engagement, increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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Global Tech Company

Working with CGS and, the company developed a voice-based solution that delivered a significant
ROI and helped to boost their contact centers, which were under the pressure of customer enquiries and the failure of a previously installed system.

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The company's conversational solution, ‘Laura’, has been developed and deployed across Europe in order to supercharge customer experiences and support the rapid growth and upscaling of ŠKODA AUTO’s digital engagement strategy.

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Circle K

Circle K built and developed a Teneo-based, highly complex and dynamic conversational solution that was capable of answering a diverse range of customer requests and questions in multiple languages while allowing for unlimited scalability and flexibility.

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Healthcare Tech Leader

This company used OpenQuestion across its Cardiovascular Patient Technical Services Group. As a result, they managed to transform the performance of their operations and increased their level of service for people looking for urgent help and support.

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