Škoda Auto uses Teneo to Drive European Growth

In a collaborative effort between Teneo.ai and ŠKODA AUTO a conversational solution has been developed and deployed across Europe in order to supercharge customer experiences and support the rapid growth and upscaling of ŠKODA AUTO’s digital engagement strategy.


Scale Without Pain

Developers faced minimal friction in the implementation and deployment of the conversational solution in new languages and regions, across Europe.

Intelligent Conversation

Thanks to Teneo’s topic switching ability, 'Laura' can interrupt the conversation and provide advice about what car to choose or offer options.

Personalized Experience

'Laura' is able to collect data across touch points and provide highly personalized recommendations to drivers reviewing ŠKODA's products

The Results

Next Level –
Škoda Strategy
2030 Mission


Increase of customer requests


test drive booking increase
(during first trial phase)


European regions covered


system downtime

ŠKODA AUTO has ambitious plans for 2030, which include key sustainability targets and the intention to be one of the top five selling makes in Europe in seven years-time.

Following the expansion of the ŠKODA AUTO conversational solution across a number of new regions across Europe in April 2022, Teneo received a 100% increase in the volume of requests from ŠKODA’s websites. In plain, tens of thousands of additional customers interacted with the solution as it was launched in new regions.

Despite the rapid increase in demand, there was not a moment of downtime for the platform as the system architecture automatically increased its bandwidth to handle the increased load thanks to the SaaS model Teneo runs on.

This allowed ŠKODA to instantly deploy the solution across their digital properties without technical issues or drawbacks to their own
websites or customer engagement. For development teams there are no limits to scalability or system expansion and this has been a fundamental aspect and benefit for the successful delivery and deployment of the ŠKODA AUTO project via Teneo.

The solution has had a significant impact across the ŠKODA AUTO group as exemplified by the continued growth and launch of the technology in new countries and regions around the world.

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The expansion of our conversational solution in these key regions further demonstrates our commitment to provide our customers with the best service and experience possible. The dedicated team has been working hard in order to expand the market coverage and capabilities of our solution and we’re extremely excited about the next phase of our project and look forward to sharing our new engagement tool with millions more people.

Veronika Marečková

Business Lead,


The Challenge

For decades, the car showroom represented the central point of sale for the automotive industry, however, converting digital users to test drive bookings has represented a challenge for the sector.

Founded in 1895, ŠKODA AUTO is one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers. The company is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group and in 2021 alone, a total of 878,000 cars were delivered to customers worldwide.

The added impact of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 added to the pressure on manufacturers to convert digital traffic to test drive bookings, as showrooms were forced to close their doors.

ŠKODA AUTO required a technology solution that could fulfil multiple purposes and support the growth of the business in a variety of ways. One of the most important was the need to increase test drive bookings.

The Solution

A multidisciplinary international team developed a CAI solution in 2020 and quickly scaled the solution over a two-year period following the recording of a 400% increase in test drive bookings in the first trial phase.

The solution rapidly transformed the digital experience of visitors to ŠKODA AUTO digital properties, providing major improvements to customer journeys with a totally automated system.

In a short timeframe, the ŠKODA AUTO team were able to communicate and engage with millions of additional users while supporting their individual requests and requirements. The volume of test drive booking rapidly increased while customer service could also be greatly improved.

'Laura' is able to collect data across a number of touch points and provide highly personalized recommendations to drivers reviewing ŠKODA´s product range. The engagements and interactions helped SKODA to adapt responses based on personal preferences. ŠKODA can now lead the customer into the car configurator to help specify details including upselling with additional warranties and service agreements, before scheduling a test drive at the nearest dealer based on availability of a car.

Thanks to Teneo’s topic switching ability, the customer can interrupt the conversation and provide advice about what car to choose, or present options that may be available on a different budget.

Following the successful implementation of the CAI solution and a high ROI being achieved from the project, ŠKODA AUTO recognized the importance of rapid deployment in new markets. Unlike a wide variety of other conversational products, Teneo was able to seamlessly support the wide range of requirements from the ŠKODA AUTO team, who faced minimal friction in the development and deployment of the solution in new languages and regions.

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