Teneo for Healthcare Industry

Elevate Healthcare with Teneo's Advanced AI Platform 

Transform Healthcare Services with AI - Precision, Efficiency, and Security

Elevate Healthcare with Teneo's Advanced AI Platform

Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI

Adopting AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) is essential for delivering top-quality care and efficient service. Teneo's AI platform provides the healthcare industry with AI tools for enhanced customer support, operational excellence, and high-grade security.

AI Solutions for Healthcare

Cost-Efficient and Accurate AI Integration

Significant Cost Savings: Achieve dramatic reductions in LLMs and operational expenses by up to 98%.

+95% Accuracy in Interactions: Attain high accuracy in multimodal voice and digital customer interactions, crucial in healthcare customer service.

Cost-Efficient and Accurate AI Integration for healthcare

Enhanced Patient and Provider Experience

Multimodal, Multilingual Support: Offer seamless support across various channels in multiple languages, catering to diverse patient needs.

Top-Grade Security: Uphold the strictest data security standards, ensuring patient information is always protected.

Top-Grade Security and Compliance
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Transformation with AI in Healthcare Customer Service

Discover how a global leader in healthcare technology achieved over $6M in annual savings, handled 1.05M calls annually, and saved 36,000 agent hours by implementing Teneo's virtual assistant solution for voice AI.

$6M Cost Saved

-20% Call Handling Cost Reduction

+36,000 Agent Hours Saved

+8% Customer Satisfaction

Why Choose Teneo for Your Healthcare Business


Proven Industry Success

Emulate the success of leading healthcare organizations that have enhanced their customer experience and operational efficiency with our AI solutions.


Customizable AI Tools

Adapt AI tools to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry.


Innovative and Secure Technology

Benefit from the latest AI advancements with LLMs and TLML to provide secure, efficient, and innovative healthcare services.

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Advance Your Healthcare Services with Teneo

Join leading healthcare providers in leveraging Teneo's AI solutions. Contact us to schedule a demo and discover how we can enhance patient care and operational efficiency in your healthcare business.