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Redefine Travel with AI travel assistant

Get the latest travel experience with Large Language Models (LLMs) to improve traveler experiences and optimize operations. Teneo's AI platform offers travel companies advanced tools to enhance service delivery, streamline processes, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Key Features of Teneo's AI Solutions

Enhanced and Personalized Traveler Engagement

Achieve over +95% accuracy in traveler interactions by providing timely and accurate responses to inquiries.

Our AI technology offers personalized recommendations and services, tailoring the travel experience to each individual's preferences.

This results in a superior travel experience, exceeding expectations and building loyalty.

Teneo AI for Hotels

Operational Efficiency

Teneo will help you streamline your travel operations by automating customer service tasks and reducing manual labor.

This can result in potential cost savings of up to 98%.

By leveraging our AI technology, you can optimize your operations and redirect resources to higher-value activities.

Unmatched Accuracy in Customer Interactions

Multimodal, Multilingual Support

Teneo enables seamless support across multiple channels, including voice, chat, and digital, in multiple languages.

This allows you to cater to a diverse traveler base, providing consistent and personalized support wherever and whenever they need it.

Multimodal and Multilingual AI in Hotels

Top-Grade Security

Data Security: Ensure the highest standards of data security, crucial for handling sensitive traveler information.

Robust Data Protection: Ensure top-tier security and compliance, safeguarding sensitive customer and operational data.

Reliable and Secure Operations: Maintain the highest standards of operational integrity and customer trust.

ISO 27001 Certification: Our entire organization is ISO 27001 certified, and the certificate and Annex Scope is available from our website.

Top-Grade Security and Compliance

Why Choose Teneo for Your Hospitality Business


Proven Industry Success

Follow the success of leading travel companies that have transformed their operations with our AI solutions.


Customizable AI Tools

Tailor AI tools to meet the specific needs of the travel industry, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.


Innovative and Secure Technology

Leverage the latest AI advancements to provide secure, efficient, and innovative travel services.

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