Teneo for Airlines

Elevate Your Airline's Customer Experience with AI Powered by LLMs

Discover How AI is Revolutionizing Airline Customer ServiceĀ 

Discover How AI is Revolutionizing Airline Customer Service

Transforming Airline Customer Experience with Teneo.ai

Unmatched AI Accuracy in Customer Interactions

Precision at Scale: Our AI-driven platform ensures +95% AI accuracy in handling customer queries, from routine inquiries to complex issues.

Enhanced Customer Trust: High AI accuracy rates contribute to increased customer trust and satisfaction, leading to improved brand loyalty and reduced churn.

Reduced Error Rates: Minimize misrouted call routing, miscommunication and errors, crucial in high-stakes airline operations.

Unmatched Accuracy in Customer Interactions

Empowering Large Language Models (LLMs) with TLML

Broad Linguistic Capabilities: Teneo enables multimodal communication in multiple languages, large volumes, catering to a diverse global customer base.

Contextual Understanding: Patented Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language grasp customer intent and context, ensuring relevant and personalized responses.

Empowering Large Language Models (LLMs) with TLML

Advanced AI Orchestration for Seamless Operations

Intelligent System Integration: Seamlessly integrate AI capabilities with existing airline systems for smooth operations.

Unified Customer Experience: Orchestrate a cohesive journey for passengers, from booking to post-flight services, through multimodal AI over the phone and chat.

Agile Response to Market Changes: Quickly adapt to evolving customer needs and market dynamics, thanks to open architecture and flexible AI orchestration with any LLM anywhere.

Advanced AI Orchestration for Seamless Operations

Strategic AI Cost Control

Operational AI Efficiency

Streamline customer service operations, reducing the need for extensive human intervention and 98% lower costs with LLMs.

Resource Optimization

Allocate your human resources more effectively by letting AI handle routine and repetitive tasks.

Scalability Without Surging Costs

Expand your customer service capabilities with AI without proportionally increasing your budget.

AI-Powered Solutions Tailored
for Airlines

Intelligent Call Routing

Direct customers to the right resources effortlessly.

Smart Self-Service

Enable passengers to resolve their inquiries independently.

Agent Assist

Support your human agents with AI-driven insights and suggestions.

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