Boost AI Accuracy to +95%
Boost AI Accuracy to +95%

Boost AI Accuracy to +95%

Experience Unparalleled Efficiency in Contact Center AI, Customer Service Automation and Conversational IVR Systems with TLML™

Discover the Teneo Advantage

Supercharge Your CCAI Performance

Experience a transformative 30% boost in AI efficiency within hours with our AI-driven platform Teneo, designed for high-volume contact centers seeking to elevate their customer interaction quality without added complexity.

Improved Customer Intent Understanding

AI Precision at Scale

Achieve over +95% accuracy in understanding and addressing customer needs with Teneo's advanced TLML, reducing the risk of customer turnover and reinforcing trust at every touchpoint.

Patented AI Technique, TLML™, for Call Deflection

Radical Call Misrouting Reduction

Slash call misrouting by 90% and watch customer satisfaction soar as Teneo OpenQuestion's intelligent routing directs queries to the right agent, decrease wait times and increase successful outcomes.

Radical Misrouting Reduction

Dramatic AI Cost Savings

Cut your AI operational expenses in AI by up to 98% by integrating Teneo's Generative AI into your ecosystem, delivering a robust ROI that positively impacts your bottom line with AI.

Dramatic Cost Savings

Proactive Customer Engagement

Revolutionize your customer support with proactive AI that anticipates and meets customer needs in real-time, setting a new industry standard for personalized care with AI that retains and attracts clients.

Optimize Your Contact Center with Teneo

Contact Center AI Redefined

Unmatched Accuracy

Boost AI interaction precision to over +95% with Teneo's advanced NLU and TLML, diminishing churn and cementing trust

+95% accuracy in AI

Intelligent Automation

Boost your CCAI performance by 30% swiftly in hours with Teneo, achieving seamless integration and immediate results.

Boost your CCAI performance by 30%

Enhanced Customer Experience

Slash call misrouting by 90%. Teneo’s Conversational IVR OpenQuestion technology ensures inquiries flow to the right place, optimizing resource use and elevating customer satisfaction with AI.

Slash call misrouting by 90%

98% Decreased Costs in
Generative AI

Cut operational costs dramatically. With Teneo, maximize AI ROI with LLMs while maintaining the highest quality and functionality.

98% Decreased Costs in
Generative AI

Some Other Features of Teneo

Control at Scale

Harness the power of Generative AI at scale without the cost spike. Teneo's auto-scalability supports exponential growth across languages and channels.

Open Architecture

Enjoy the flexibility to integrate any Generative AI model, anytime. With Teneo's Open Architecture, you're always equipped with the best integration for your specific needs.

Rapid Deployment

Transform your accuracy in hours and your full contact center in just 60 days. Implement Teneo for quick ROI and sustained operational cost savings.

Secure and Adaptable

Future-proof your tech ecosystem. Teneo's security-first, compliant, and fully customizable AI-platform adapts to your evolving requirements.

Handle More.
Deliver Excellence.

Experience real impact in Generative AI. High volume handling, improves service quality, even with increased volumes. Scales and collaborates across no-tech, low-tech, and pro-tech teams.

9 Million Calls

Calls per Year Supported


20% Call Handling Cost Reduction

Call Handling Cost Reduction

Healthcare Tech Leader

2Min Reduction in Average Hold Time

Reduction in Average Handling Time


+6 percent Increase in IVR Resolution Rate

Increase in IVR Resolution Rate

Telefónica Germany

A Teneo Success Story

For a comprehensive look at how Teneo is transforming customer interactions and driving real results, explore our detailed case study.

Teneo's Accuracy Booster™ Maximizes Precision

Revolutionize Your Contact Center's Accuracy and Efficiency

Without Teneo Accuracy Booster
With Teneo Accuracy Booster

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