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Enhancing Your Amazon Connect Setup with Teneo

Get the OpenQuestion plugin for Amazon Connect now to add Conversational Automation to your contact center.

Teneo for Amazon Connect

An ai LAYER that makes your existing infrastructure more efficient

Improve Your Main KPIs and Decrease Costs Without Major Changes to Your Existing Amazon Ecosystem


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OpenQuestion allows organizations to replace traditional phone touch pad-based and outdated voice-based menus with conversational routing and automation. Built on the award-winning SaaS-platform Teneo, the solution supports 86 languages and dialects and seamlessly integrates with Amazon Connect ecosystem. This plugin enables clients to increase efficiency and improve customer experience by using natural language and automation flows to correctly route calls and reduce costs.

Teneo Connector for Amazon Connect

By implementing Conversational IVR, Amazon Connect customers will now be able to boost their KPIs, reducing misrouted calls and IVR abandonment rates, increasing service levels, automation and CSAT increase efficiency and enhance the support experience offered by their Contact Center.

OpenQuestion includes its own Voice Gateway to connect traditional telephony directly to Amazon Connect. By combining them, companies will be able to:

  • Route customers to the right queue, using Conversational automation
  • Provide agents with relevant info already disclosed though the conversation with the solution, so they can provide better and faster service
  • Get better visibility on the reasons why customers are calling your contact center
  • Increased automation and ROI of the existing contact center infrastructure
Teneo for Amazon Connect
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Real Customers.
Real Results.

Enterprises and Integrators have delivered unmatched customer experience in record time using Teneo and OpenQuestion.

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Our customer enquiry hotline will be considerably more productive thanks to human spoken interaction with our systems. Our voice-controlled hotline system improves the customer experience by assigning enquires quickly and accurately, maximizing the valuable resources of our hotline agents.

Christoph Aeschlimann

CEO, Swisscom

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Openquestion: Feature-rich, out of the box

Help Your Agents Serve Your Customers Better

  • Pre-built flows for direct routing and conversational clarification when users don’t provide sufficient information
  • FAQ and common situation handling such as empty inputs, nonsense, user-requested repetition, and very long inputs
  • Callback functionality, sentiment analysis and summarization before handover to the agent
  • Machine Learning, Large Language Models (LLM) and a patented TLML
  • Impacts key contact center KPIs by increasing NPS scores and automation while reducing misroutes, redials and transfers between agents

See Real Results With the Power of OpenQuestion

We help high-growth companies like Telefónica, HelloFresh, Škoda and Swisscom find new opportunities through AI conversations.
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