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Teneo Features

Designed for the global enterprise, Teneo allows developers and business users to create highly intelligent conversational AI applications in over 35 languages and across multiple channels in record time.

Visual flow design

Graphically build dialogs. Drag and drop flow elements like outputs, integrations with API's, scripts and transitions.

Hybrid NLU

Mix machine learning algorithms and linguistic conditions for precise and predictable understanding.

Prebuilt entities

Identify and extract the relevant parts of a user input with over 30 prebuilt entities in multiple languages.

Unlimited custom entities

Create unlimited custom entities using the convenient integrated entity editor.

API Integration management

Connect with online services, backend systems and API's once, and re-use them in any flow. For example CRM's like Salesforce and RPA's like UiPath or Blue Prism.


Make your bot available on multiple channels like websites, messaging apps or IVR. The open protocol of Teneo makes it easy and straightforward.

Integrated learning

Learn from the conversational data that is generated by your users. Improve the ML model with Teneo's integrated training data optimization.

Over 35 languages

Create solutions in over 35 languages, including Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

A successful enterprise chatbot in 3 steps


Build your conversational solution

Using Teneo Studio you rapidly build your bot's conversational logic using drag and drop of flow elements, while at the same time allowing the use of code to deliver the desired user experience.


Publish your bot on multiple channels

Make your solution available for the world. You can provide it as a web widget on your website or make it available on for example Facebook Messenger or Skype. Whatever suits your needs.


Analyze the conversational data

The users of your bot generate conversational data that is a helpful source of information for improvement and at the same time can provide valuable business insights.

What People Are Saying

  • We chose Artificial Solutions because they had the right blend of technical and development expertise and platform capabilities to support the delivery of Vodafone’s business objectives.

  • Developed in just a few months using Teneo, Lucy is enabling Škoda to build a closer relationship with our customers and has already resulted in a significant increase in website conversion rates.



Teneo is available in several editions to suit varying needs. These range from the free 'Sandbox' edition, which allows easy access to Teneo for a 90 day trial, to the 'Platform' edition, which facilitates multiple use cases and languages to serve enterprise needs. For more detailed information about Teneo and the available editions, please contact us.

Sandbox Free for 90 days

  • 7 evaluation bots
  • Unlimited intents
  • Over 30 prebuilt entities
  • Unlimited custom entities
  • 5 team members
  • Cloud hosting
  • Create solutions in more than 35 languages

Solution Contact us

  • 1 production bot
  • Unlimited intents
  • Over 30 prebuilt entities
  • Unlimited custom entities
  • Unlimited team size
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Create solutions in 1 language
    of choice

Platform Contact us

  • Unlimited bots
  • Unlimited intents
  • Over 30 prebuilt entities
  • Unlimited custom entities
  • Unlimited team size
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Create solutions in more than 35 languages

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