IVR is Dead – How to measure success in customer service in 2023

By George Brown, February 21, 2023

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Marie Angselius Schönbeck, Chief Impact Officer at Teneo,ai, emphasizes the importance of customer service in today’s business landscape.  


Under the pressure of cost reductions, call centers need to rely on technology to support their customers. However, some IVR solutions create inefficient and frustrating experiences, leading to poor customer satisfaction and lost business. 

To address these issues, businesses are turning to newer technologies such as conversational IVR to support customers and human call center agents. Juniper Research found that AI technology reduced business costs by $8 billion annually by 2022. Additionally, Accenture predicts that AI will increase business productivity by over 35 percent  before 2040 in the US alone. 

One successful example of implementing conversational AI is Swisscom’s use of OpenQuestion to enhance the customer experience in its contact centers. By allowing customers to explain their matter in their own words, Swisscom was able to direct them to the right team, leading to a significant increase in NPS scores. 

Customers explain their matter in their own words and are directed to the right team – they can communicate in national languages (German, Italian, French and Romansch) and even in non-written Swiss dialects. Transactional NPS scores have sky rocketed by +18 points.

To achieve great customer experience (CX), it’s essential to focus on the right targets when measuring success, including Net Promoter Score, conversion rate, transfer quota, and automation quota. However, it’s important to remember that introducing conversational IVR into an organization should not create fear in employees and partners. Instead, it should be introduced transparently, with a focus on upskilling staff to build expertise in areas that AI can’t handle. 

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