How Generative AI Unlocks New Possibilities in a Contact Center

Generative AI

We see the influx of Generative AI and Large Language Models like GPT-4 transforming industries, and call centers are no exception.

The traditional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems have been the backbone of many call centers. However, with the onset of Smart IVR systems powered by AI, the landscape of Call Center Automation is changing rapidly. 

The blockers of Generative AI in Call Center Automation 

Unfortunately, standard key-pad navigation IVRs cannot harness the immense potential of AI, especially the power packed within Large Language Models.

The inability to integrate with these AI models creates a massive barrier to enhancing the customer experience and streamlining operations. This is where an upgrade to a Conversational IVR system can unlock new possibilities. 

The Drawbacks of Key-pad Navigation IVRs 

Key-pad navigation IVRs have been useful in the past. They provided a fundamental means of interaction between customers and businesses.

However, these systems fall short in creating personalized customer interactions. For example, they can’t understand natural language queries or provide responses specific to the context.

This absence of personalization and understanding results in an impersonal experience. Often, it’s frustrating for customers.

In contrast, a Conversational IVR equipped with AI capabilities like those of Modern IVR systems can lead to a dramatic improvement in customer satisfaction. 

The Shift to Conversational IVR Systems 

The integration of AI into IVR systems allows for a more natural and intuitive interaction for customers.

With AI, IVR systems can now understand and respond to customers’ voice instructions, significantly reducing the time spent on calls and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Conversational IVRs are designed to simulate human-like interactions, leveraging AI technologies to understand and process natural language, understand caller intent, and deliver more personalized responses.

One such advanced Conversational IVR solution is the one offered by OpenQuestion.

OpenQuestion: Bringing AI to IVR 

OpenQuestion has not just stopped at integrating AI into IVR. It has gone one step further by pre-integrating with Azure OpenAI, bringing the power of any of the GPT-model, including GPT-4, a cutting-edge Large Language Model, into the IVR system.

This integration elevates the Conversational IVR experience to a whole new level, making interactions even more intuitive, conversational, and context aware. 

Through OpenAI’s GPT-4, Conversational IVR can better understand customer queries. Consequently, businesses can deliver more accurate responses, and even predict customer intent based on the call’s context, such as sentiment and dialogue summary to the call center agent.

This results in more efficient call handling, reduced call duration, and ultimately, happier customers. 

With OpenQuestion’s Conversational IVR solution, your business can truly embrace the future of Call Center Automation. 

If you’re ready to explore how your call center can benefit from Conversational IVR, please contact us to see the OpenQuestion solution in action.  

Take your IVR to the next level with Conversational IVR and unleash the full potential of Generative AI and Large Language Models. Get started with OpenQuestion today.

Learn how one of the world’s largest healthcare used a modern IVR solution to drive next-generation call center automation, below.

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