The Power of Teneo and Azure Cognitive Services

Enhance your solutions and customer interactions with Azure Cognitive, OpenAI, Communication, and Analytics services.

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Enhance the Communication with your Customers

Create a hybrid approach to language understanding with Azure’s CLU services and Teneo’s Linguistic Modeling Language. Connect & enrich your solution with language models via Azure OpenAI api.

Azure cognitive services for speech - powered by Teneo - deliver peak performance for voice, using the most advanced speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities.

86+ languages supported

Next-gen text-to-speech & translation capabilities

Apply advanced language models to your use case

Unlock Customer Experience Analytics

Capitalize on the most valuable data asset you have – the voice of your customers. Merge customer conversations with customer journey insights directly in your Microsoft reporting tools. Create the ideal stack for advanced contact center analytics with seamless integrations:

Azure Data Factory

Azure Synapse

Microsoft Power BI

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Scale your Microsoft Bot Framework Implementations  

Enhance or orchestrate your existing Microsoft solutions using Teneo. Our powerful Teneo Studio design canvas and pro-code experience helps enterprises scale. Now, you can reuse your existing assets and go beyond their limits.

Bot Framework Composer

Power VA solutions

Multiple channel personalization

Expand Team-based Virtual Agents with New Skills

Empower Teams-based virtual agents with the skills to do far more than simple FAQs.

Improve virtual agent response times, listen with greater understanding, and speak with greater fidelity by leveraging the combined power of Teneo and Azure Cognitive Services.
Teneo adds horsepower to the Microsoft Contact Center application stack by integrating directly with MS Teams and Microsoft Dynamics so you can:

Gather complex insights

Unlock agent efficiency

Enable intelligent automation

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See Real Results with the Power of Teneo & Azure Services

Interested in how you can integrate Teneo into your Azure Services Ecosystem to start developing efficient, welcoming and scalable conversations with your customers?

Talk to one of our team to find out more.