Data Security

Data Security is a crucial feature of OpenQuestion, a customer experience (CX) solution designed to enhance customer interactions in call centers.

It ensures your data is encrypted according to industry best practices and helps you comply with relevant privacy regulation such as GDPR and CCPA.

How does OpenQuestion Ensure Data Security? 

Our ISO27001 certification gives you confidence that we take security seriously. All data in OpenQuestion is encrypted, whether in motion or at rest.

OpenQuestion uses state-of-the-art encryption, including TLS over HTTPS for data transfer and AES256 for data storage.

Even static config is encrypted using the best available techniques.

This feature ensures you and your customers can have confidence that at no point is any data available to bad actors.

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What Makes OpenQuestion Data Security Different? 

As with all aspects of the offering, OpenQuestion puts you in charge. For encryption of data storage, you can Bring Your Own Key, encrypting data with a key you manage and control, ensuring even Artificial Solutions / Teneo sysadmins have no access to your data.

Further, a Confidential Computing add-on is available at a modest fee encrypting even data-in-use, ensuring even those who might gain access to the RAM of a particular container would only see garbage.

Finally, OpenQuestion includes a unique pre-logging step where you can even remove data you don’t want to store at all, for example PII such as credit card or telephone numbers, email addresses or your customer’s names.

OpenQuestion even provides tools making it easy to comply with data requests under laws like GDPR, letting you quickly find data on a particular customer and even delete it if they request that.
Data Security is built into OpenQuestion as a matter of design and ensures call centers can securely handle their clients’ data.

It's customizable and configurable by you to meet your needs, even as they change in future.

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