Agent Connect

By harnessing the power machine-learned classification and other AI techniques combined with the unique Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language (TLML) for advanced language understanding, OpenQuestion ensures callers are connected to the right agent every time.

This eliminates the frustration caused by tone-based menus and avoids callers being connected to the wrong agent.


How does Agent Connect work?

Taking advantage of machine-learned classification, other AI techniques such as POS tagging, entity recognition and sentiment analysis, LLMs (eg ChatGPT), integrated conversational context and the powerful TLML, OpenQuestion interprets callers' responses, extracting relevant information such as matched intents, customer numbers or email addresses.

This information is passed from OpenQuestion to the Contact Center Platform, including the caller's phone number and call queue details, either as a full transcript or topic summary.

OpenQuestion listens to customers' needs, understands their requests and establishes the right connection, eliminating the need for frustrating tone-based menus and reducing the likelihood of connecting callers to the wrong agent.

It then provides a summary of information already provided, ensuring agents don't have to ask again questions which were already answered, saving the agent time and the customer frustration.

Importantly, agents can view this information before accepting the call, eliminating any need to ask the same questions again. This enables agents to take control immediately and saves an average of 15 to 45 seconds per call, depending on the call type.

What sets the the Agent Connect feature apart? 

The OpenQuestion plug-in uses TLML's advanced language understanding capabilities to extract relevant details from a transcript before a call is connected to an agent.

Instead of dumping the entire transcript of everything a caller has said, the relevant details become visible on an agent's screen before accepting a call.

It displays only the pertinent details on the agent's screen, allowing them to prepare for the resolution or personalize their greeting for a more positive customer experience with just a glance at the screen.

This helps improve the efficiency of call center operations while also enhancing the customer experience.

Crucial data extracted from a caller's response is also presented to an agent via the same screen pop, eliminating the need to request information themselves and saving time on the phone.

Easy integration with CRM systems means agents can efficiently utilize the information they see, such as accessing customer records from extracted data.

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