Call Insight

Call Insight is a powerful call analytics feature included in OpenQuestion.

By capturing detailed data from every customer interaction, Call Insight provides in-depth insights for optimizing contact center performance and enhancing customer experience.

How does Call Insight work? 

When a customer contacts your call center, Call Insight utilizes the advanced language understanding capabilities of machine learning, advanced AI techniques and Teneo’s unique TLML to accurately interpret spoken language, assign intents, and extract relevant information from the conversation.

This detailed data is then stored and exposed for further analysis, enabling you to make informed decisions about your contact center operations.

Teneo scalability

What sets Call Insight apart? 

Call Insight offers a comprehensive call analytics solution, unlocking a wealth of information that traditional IVR systems struggle to provide.

Fine-grained detail of each step taken during a conversation allow you to pinpoint where customers struggle, what processes can be improved, how successful your customer interactions are as well as identify areas for future extension.

With Call Insight, you gain access to out of the box

OpenQuestion Power BI dashboard – ready to connect to your IVR. OpenQuestion can also be connected to the BI of your choice.

Powerful Query Tool: 

Measure specific factors and success points with the Teneo Query Language (TQL), tailoring analysis to your business needs. TQL uses syntax similar to SQL, enabling your business analysts and data scientists to immediately begin crafting complex queries.

Customizable Dashboards: 

Integrate your custom queries with popular visualization tools like Power BI, Google Charts, or Tableau to create informative dashboards. OpenQuestion provides access to data via a simple RESTful webservice as well as export to common formats such as csv, ensuring easy use in any of your existing BI tools.

Data Augmentation: 

Enhance your data by adding tags, metadata, or flags for more accurate reporting and analysis. This can be done either during an ongoing conversation or after the fact to mark up existing data.

GDPR and Privacy Compliance: 

OpenQuestion includes built-in tools allowing you to screen out personally identifiable information (PII) preventing it from ever reaching your logs as well as tools allowing you to comply, for example, with GDPR requests for data access or deletion.

Call Insight will:

  • Streamline contact center operations  
  • Improve agent and customer engagement 
  • Identify trends and areas for improvement 
  • Enhance data-driven decision-making 
  • Facilitate seamless integration with visualization tools 

By implementing Call Insight, you power up your contact center with an out of the box powerful analytics solution that drives performance optimization and delivers an exceptional customer experience. Unlock the full potential of your contact center data with Call Insight, powered by the Teneo Query Language. 


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