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FrugalGPT - with Teneo

FrugalGPT – Generative AI Efficiency

At Teneo.ai, we specialize in harnessing the power of FrugalGPT, developed by researchers from Standford University, to transform your Generative AI experience, balancing cost-effectiveness with high performance.

FrugalGPT with Teneo

FrugalGPT Benefits

98% Cost Reduction

Significantly lower your Generative AI expenses with Teneo.ai's innovative approach.

Performance and Reliability

4% increase in robust performance for the same cost upheld by Teneo's RAG and Accuracy Booster.  

Sustainable Generative AI

Language Models (LLMs) are resource intensive. Teneo reduces computational power and energy as Teneo selects less-powerful, less-energy intensive models to generate answers.

Prompt Adaptation with Adaptive Answers

Integrated into Teneo, allowing the customization of AI responses and greater control over the conversational flow. This enables one to approximate LLM functionality by fine-tuning responses based on the data.  

Prompt tuning with Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language (TLML)

Allows for the customization of AI prompts sent to your LLM. TLML™ enables the capture of entities and topics from users’ inputs, allowing their inclusion when prompting your LLM. This gives you more accurate, more personalized answers on the first try while also reducing the number of times you prompt the LLM for a correct answer.  

LLM approximation and LLM cascade

Managed through the narrative of conversational interactions and preventing inappropriate or irrelevant responses, Teneo can optimize the use of Generative AI resources, contributing to cost reductions with features like optimized natural language understanding (NLU) accuracy, detailed deployment control, and auto-scalability enable businesses to select cost-efficient solutions without sacrificing quality.  

Detect Repeated Questions

Teneo allows repeated questions to be identified and an optimization loop is added rather than repeatedly calling your LLM and increasing costs.

Common Questions 

Based on previous conversations with your AI Assistant, one can identify the most common questions and create specific flows for these. By doing so, you have a well-controlled response for the question and can eliminate LLM costs.

LLM control 

Teneo gives you full control over what is sent to your LLM. Teneo can detect any queries you don’t want to answer, stopping them from being sent to your LLM. For example, if a question includes sensitive topics, brand names you don't want to be associated with or abusive language, you can block the input from being sent through your LLM.

How FrugalGPT with Teneo Works

How FrugalGPT with Teneo Works

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