Artificial Solutions connects Teneo to ChatGPT

By George Brown, January 23, 2023


Artificial Solutions is excited to announce that we have gained developers access to APIs to GPT-3, the language model behind ChatGPT, through Azure OpenAI Services.

ChatGPT has transformed how the world views AI language services, and Azure offers these cutting-edge AI solutions to large enterprises. 

ChatGPT uses GPT-3, a pre-trained, large-scale neural language model developed by OpenAI that can understand and generate human-like text with exceptional fluency, coherence, and relevance.

By using the Azure OpenAI APIs, customers can build a wide range of powerful applications.  

With developer access to Azure OpenAI API, helps clients explore large language models, improve the quality and efficiency of AI solutions, reduce time to market, and provide a more robust and scalable experience for users.

Although not yet ready for live production use and requiring human oversight, GPT-3 language model can provide value in the implementation process and in the future also in production solutions. 

Our collaboration with Azure OpenAI Services and the access to APIs behind ChatGPT, will enable us to bring a new level of intelligence to our customers’ AI solutions,” said Per Ottosson, CEO of Artificial Solutions. 

“We are thrilled to leverage this powerful technology to help enterprises provide their customers with more engaging and effective conversations.” 

Teneo is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge AI solutions and has been granted developer API access to the language models behind ChatGPT, highlighting Teneo’s position as a leader in the industry. 

Contact us to learn more about how our AI solutions, powered by Azure, can help your organization achieve its goals.

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