OpenQuestion Set to Ease Consumer Frustrations, Tackling the £126 Million Call Abandonment and Misrouting Problem in UK Contact Centers

State of UK Contact Centers in 2023

We’ve all been there – stuck on a phone call with an automated service, unable to reach the right department, or worse, giving up on the call out of sheer frustration. According to a recent joint study by and ContactBabel, these common customer pain points result in abandoned calls and misrouted calls costing UK contact centers an astonishing £126 million annually.

The report reveals a significant inefficiency in telephony self-service: of the 3.2 billion calls in the UK handled annually via self-service, a startling 9% are not resolved immediately. This lack of resolution results in the staggering annual costs for UK contact centers.

Other key findings from the study include:

  • Phone support is the top choice for consumers, with 31% of UK customers preferring it.
  • 66% of UK organizations agree that customers should call the contact center for complex queries.
  • Caller authentication is slower due to stricter testing, with a 90% increase since 2010 in the UK.
  • UK businesses spend £5m annually on customer identification.
  • Telephony self-service saves UK businesses around £2bn annually, with potential for further savings.
  • Next-gen IVR tech, like OpenQuestion by, can improve intent recognition by +95% and cuts around 8% of the total call volume cost.

OpenQuestion, a groundbreaking solution from, is set to address these issues head-on, aiming to transform the poor customer experience associated with telephony self-service.

“With OpenQuestion, we’re focusing on making self-service interactions smoother, more intuitive and effective. Our goal is to reduce the high rates of call abandonment and rectify the costly issue of misrouted calls.

Per Ottosson, CEO of, a subsidiary of Artificial Solutions.

Designed to guide customers seamlessly through their self-service interactions, OpenQuestion’s AI-powered Conversational IVR system addresses an industry-wide pain point, setting a new benchmark for telephony customer service. Decreasing call abandonment rates and improving call routing accuracy doesn’t only result in substantial cost savings for businesses but also elevates the overall customer experience significantly.

The AI-driven Conversational IVR system of OpenQuestion is designed to guide customers through their self-service interactions in a user-friendly way, addressing a long-standing issue in the industry and setting a new standard for telephony customer service. This reduction in call abandonment and the increased accuracy in call routing not only save businesses millions but also significantly enhance the overall customer experience.

In 60 days, OpenQuestion can deliver service to your customers in parallel to your existing IVR – no migration needed.  It offers a beacon of hope to consumers who have long struggled with inefficient telephony self-service systems.

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