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A comparative analysis of IVR technology in the U.S. and the U.K. produced by ContactBabel.

The 2023 Contact Center Report:

Automation, Intelligent Routing & Next-Gen IVRs

A comparative analysis of IVR technology in the U.S. and the U.K. produced by ContactBabel.

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The 2023 Contact Center Report by ContactBabel and Teneo

The Silent Drain on Your Contact Center's Resources.

Telephony, the lifeblood of customer service, is also its most expensive component.

Contact Centers have long sought refuge in traditional IVR software, but these systems are not the panacea they were once believed to be. Misrouted calls, a notorious issue with IVRs, are costing businesses a staggering billion-plus USD annually, according to a study by ContactBabel.

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The OpenQuestion Advantage:
A Case Study in Savings

The proof is in the numbers. A 500-seat contact center handling 12.5m calls annually could save $675,000 by implementing our solution. That's not just savings; that's a business transformation.

Key Findings Include:

  • Phone support is the top choice for consumers, with 31% of UK users and 33% of US customers preferring it.
  • 66% of UK organizations and 86% of US organizations agree that customers should call the contact center for complex queries.
  • Misrouted calls waste $934m per year for US businesses and £126m for UK contact centers.
  • Caller authentication is slower due to stricter testing, with a 90% increase since 2010 in the UK and a 50% increase compared to 10 years ago in the US.
  • UK businesses spend £5m annually on customer identification, while US businesses spend $9.6bn per year on verifying customer identities.
  • Telephony self-service saves UK businesses around £2bn and US organizations $15.2bn annually, with potential for further savings.
  • Next-gen IVR technology such as OpenQuestion by, reduces customer waiting time significantly and generates savings for organizations by reducing up to 8% of overall call volume cost.

Your Invitation to the Future of Contact Centers Content:

In our Contact Center Report for IVR and Voice Experience 2023, conducted by ContactBabel, we pull back the curtain on the future of Contact Centers. We delve into the details of the issues plaguing the industry and reveal how our solution can help.

Download the report today and discover how OpenQuestion can revolutionize your Contact Center operations with our next-generation cloud IVR.

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