Prebuilt Entities

Teneo comes with an extensive set of prebuilt entities. These entities make use of different techniques, like hand-crafted lists or machine learned NER's, to extract an entity from an input. Entities will make the matched entity detailes available in one or more Entity variables. The %COUNTRY.ENTITY for example, not only provides the country name but also the capital and country code.

Entity NLU Variables Description Examples
%CITY.ENTITY sCity Common cities worldwide I live in Amsterdam.
%COLOR.ENTITY sColor Colors The Dutch flag is Red, White and Blue.
%COUNTRY.ENTITY sCountry, sCapital, sCountryCode Countries She lives in Spain.
%CULTURAL_GROUP.ENTITY sCulturalGroup Nationalities, ethnic groups, religious groups etc. Do you accept students from German universities?
I need to order special food on the flight, I am Muslim.
Mum is cooking great Arabic food.
%CURRENCY.ENTITY sCurrency, sCurrencyCode Currencies 50 SEK in zloty.
%CURRENCY_AMOUNT.ENTITY nNumber, sCurrency, sCurrencyCode Currencies combined with amounts That's 50 SEK.
My friend found $20 on the streets yesterday.
%EMAIL.ENTITY sEmail, bIsComplete Email addresses and flag to show email is valid and complete E-mail it to john.doe@artificial-
My email is tester at yahoo dot com
%EVENT.ENTITY sEvent Events, national holidays, treaties, awards/prices etc. Who won the Oscar's last night?
Where are you celebrating Christmas this year?
The treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919.
%FACILITY.ENTITY (BETA) sFacility Buildings, airports, train stations, public transport lines, hospitals etc. I want to fly from Newark to LAX.
Have you ever visited the Empire state building?
What year was the Brooklyn Bridge built?
%FICTIONAL_FIGURE.ENTITY (BETA) sFictionalFigure Fictional figures, cartoons etc. Who do you think you are, Superman?
He was wearing a black coat, a bit like Batman’s.
I don't believe in Santa Claus.
%FULL_DATE.ENTITY sFullDate Full dates (Year, month, day). I was born on April 7th, 1991.
The ticket was issued 23 Jan 2017.
I have been a customer since 14-03-2015.
%GEOGRAPHY.ENTITY sGeography Non-political geographical entities: mountains, bodies of water, planets, moons, suns etc. How many rings does Saturn have in total?
Who was the first one to climb Mount Everest?
How big is the Sahara Desert?
%IP_ADDRESS.ENTITY sIpAddress IP addresses Connect to
%KNOWN_FIGURE.ENTITY (BETA) sKnownFigure Known, public (non-fictional) figures Barack Obama was the President of the United States for 8 years.
I am a big fan of Meryl Streep.
Play a song from Justin Bieber.
%KNOWN_GROUP.ENTITY (BETA) sKnownGroup Known groups and bands Play a nice song by The Beatles.
I liked the latest Coldplay album.
Another song from Metallica please.
%LANGUAGE.ENTITY sLanguage Languages Do you have this document in Swedish?
Translate ‘hello’ to Hindi.
I speak thee languages: Polish, English and Urdu.
%LOCATION.ENTITY sLocation Geopolitical locations (humans made the borders) Including: Continents, Countries, States, Counties, Cities, Neighbourhoods etc. I was born in California.
I want to fly from Paris to London.
What time does the ferry to Staten Island depart?
%MED_CHEM.ENTITY (BETA) sMedChem Medical/chemicals: Chemical substances, named diseases, and drugs Is there a vaccine for Malaria?
Who really discovered the Penicillin? Find me information about Iodine.
%MONTH.ENTITY sMonth Months Sometimes it snows in April
Let's meet in feb
%NUMBER.ENTITY nNumber Written numbers up to hundred. Any numerical digit. That was fifty years ago. That's 122 years from now.
%ORDINAL.ENTITY sOrdinal, nNumber Ordinals She came in 1st.
He came in second.
%ORGANIZATION.ENTITY sOrganization Organizations: companies or a division of a company, universities, schools, embassies, religious organizations, political parties etc. I work at Apple.
What is the e-mail address to
I studied at Harvard University.
%PERSON.ENTITY sPerson Name of persons, including titles and surnames if present My name is Mrs Johnsson.
The ticket is booked in the name
Joanne Stevens.
Send a text to John please.
%PRODUCT.ENTITY sProduct Product or brand names or organization names used as products in the context I drive a BMW.
How much is the new iPhone X?
Can you open Facebook and make a post for me?
%SPORT.ENTITY (BETA) sSport Sports teams, sports organizations, sporting events Miami Dolphins is a good team!
I want to watch the winter Olympics.
Who won the FIFA world cup?
%STREET_ADDRESS.ENTITY (BETA) sStreetAddress Street name and street number when applicable I live on 2967 Washington st.
What time does the office on Birch avenue open?
I recently moved to 23 Main street.
%TEMPERATURE.ENTITY nNumber, sUnit Temperatures combined with amounts It was 38 degrees celcius yesterday.
Wow, what a coincidence, it's 38 °F where I live!
%UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER.ENTITY sUniqueIdentifier Unique identifiers: Product numbers, phone numbers, user names, member numbers etc. My phone number is 123-44 43 33.
I have a bonus card with number ebb123523111.
When will 103-121-111 be in stock again?
%URL.ENTITY sUrl URLs (also partial / truncated URLs) Open
Go to page
Take me to cnn dot com
%WEEKDAY.ENTITY sWeekday All days of the week I don't like Mondays.
Friday I'm in love.
%WORK_OF_ART.ENTITY (BETA) sWorkOfArt Work of art: songs, albums, movies, books, video games etc. Do you read the Bible?
Play Diamond’s with Rihanna.
Download Frankenstein movie.
%ZIP_CODE.ENTITY sZipCode Zip codes My zip is V0G 1Y0.
My address is 24 Main street 23212 New York.
%ZODIAC_SIGN.ENTITY sZodiacSign Zodiac signs They say pisces are compassionate, but don't like to be criticized.
My mother is a .

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