Prebuilt Solutions

Below you will find a list of pre-built, customizable solutions that focus on various knowledge areas. They provide examples that you can use for inspiration or as a starting point for you own bot.

Once you found a solution that you want to use, you can download it and import it into Teneo as a new solution. All prebuilt solutions make use of the English Teneo Lexical Resources, so after you have imported the solution, you need to assign the 'Teneo Lexical Resources English' resource in the Resources area of your solution.

You can import a prebuilt solution into an existing solution too. However, you then have to make sure that the prebuilt solution will not overwrite data like global variables and global scripts.

For more details on importing solutions, see: How to import solutions.

Solution Description
Book a Meeting Room Video Collect information about a meeting room that a user intends to book
Currency Conversion Convert from one currency to another
Flight Search Video Find the cheapest flight between two locations
Live Chat Handover Hand-over to a live agent
Pizza Order New Order a customized pizza
Unit Conversion Convert units of measure
Weather Get the weather forecast for a city