The Evolution and Future of Interactive Voice Response:
From Conversational IVR to OpenQuestion

This white paper provides key suport and information for customer experience professionals seeking to drive improvements in Contact Center environments. Download this to learn about the history of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, the challenges companies are facing with traditional implementations and how emergence of Conversational IVR systems can help.

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What Is Covered
in This White Paper?

This white paper explores the history of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, highlighting its early beginnings and tracing its development through the years. It also examines the challenges faced by traditional IVR systems and discusses the emergence of Conversational IVR systems as a solution to the challenges faced by contact centers.

Finally, we showcase OpenQuestion, an innovative Conversational IVR solution that leverages advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) tools to perform the long overdue update of the customer support experience in an enterprise setting. 

The Content

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology has been around for nearly a century. Despite various advancements, it is still limited in terms of providing customer satisfaction, data handling, real-time insights, and adaptability.

This white paper explore why and how advances in Conversational IVR technology are breaking these limits and providing real results.

A Brief History of IVR Technology

  • The Voder and the Birth of Synthetic Speech
  • The Emergence of Touch-Tone and Synthetic Speech in the 1970s and 1980s
  • The Advancements of IVR Technology in the 1990s: Call Queuing and Automatic Call Routing

Traditional IVR vs Conversational IVR Systems

  • Interaction Style
  • Data Complexity
  • Real-Time Insights in IVR vs Conversational IVR
  • Adaptability

OpenQuestion: The New Approach to Conversational IVR

  • OpenQuestion: Revolutionizing Conversational IVR and Customer Service
  • Reduction of Frustration and Improvement of Customer Experience
  • Improves Call Center Performance
  • Open Architecture
  • Return on Investment

The Future of Contact Centers

The Power of OpenQuestion

We help high-growth companies like Telefonica, HelloFresh, Skoda and Swisscom find new opportunities through AI conversations.

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