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Global Variables


Global Variables, as opposed to Flow Variables, are accessible by all Flows in a solution and have an unlimited validity, meaning that Global Variables can hold data that is persistent during the session and only expires when the session ends or times out. Variables get their values from Listeners, and hence the Variables and Listeners are closely connected: a Variable with an empty value must be declared so that a Listener can access it in its operation, and therefore when a Listener's TLML Syntax is fulfilled (usually when a certain user input is found), the script of the Listener is able to assign a certain value to the Variable.

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Naming conventions

Variables are placeholders for changeable values and can be used to store text strings, Boolean, Lists, Maps (key/value pairs) and numbers. Each Variable in a solution needs to have a unique name and the following conventions are recommended:

  • Start the Variable name with a lowercase character indicating the type of information the Variable contains:
    • s (string)
    • b (Boolean)
    • n or i (numbers)
    • l (list)
    • ss (list containing strings)
    • bb (list containing Booleans)
    • nn or ii (list containing numbers)
    • m (maps)
  • When using multiple words in the name, the word should be concatenated with no separating character between them
  • The first letter of each word should be capitalized

Examples: sUserName, sCompanyName, nHour, iMonth

Global Variables coming with Teneo Conversational Modules are prefixed with Lib_