Teneo Web Chat Version 3.7.11 is Here! 

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We’re excited to share the latest release of Teneo Web Chat – version 3.7.11. This update is now openly accessible for everyone to delve into and incorporate. As an open-source project, Teneo Web Chat is continuously evolving with contributions from our community. This version introduces several significant improvements and corrections, all designed to enhance the development process and the interaction experience for users.

New updates

Discover the advancements that version 3.7.11 brings: 

  • TTS/ASR with WebspeechAPI integration: Integrating TTS and ASR with the WebspeechAPI, offering improved conversational experiences that are more accessible and interactive across devices. 
  • CSS refactoring: Review of hard-coded values and substitution for variables. 
  • Bug fixes: Including bugs in, rating message refactoring, solve long messages overflow, and touch scrolling in carousel. 
Gif of Teneo Web Chat and a chat with an agent.

Getting Started with Teneo Web Chat?

The latest release of Teneo Web Chat can be found on our GitHub page at Teneo Web Chat Release V.3.7.11. Here, you can also catch up on all the details of this update. 

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