Telefónica’s Journey into building OpenQuestion Solutions

By George Brown, January 17, 2023

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Sarah Rojewski is the Manager of AI and Automation for Telefonica Germany and discusses how her team has built highly sophisticated voice-based solutions to transform the businesses contact center operations.

The technology used by the company is Open Question from The solution is harnessed by a number of global enterprises to radically improve the experience of customers calling for support over the phone.

Sarah is currently leading the project at Telefonica Germany and has utilized Open Question to create highly complex and innovative customer experiences.

 “We took a set of static FAQ´s and built them as a more complex and dynamic chatbot solution, so when users asked the bot a question it could respond with the right answer, it was very simple, but it was the start of my journey into CAI and it led me to being offered the position I have now.”

“In 2018, Telefonica decided to roll out a global initiative to develop and build CAI in key regions. After the first implementation was completed, I was asked if I wanted to run the project for Germany. Because I had taken on the FAQ project, I was seen as the person with the most experience!”

Sarah was given the project and the opportunity to embrace the technology learn about its full potential, “technology never rests,” she said.

Four years later, Sarah finds herself leading a team of six and working to create an industry-leading solution.

“We have a strong vision for where we want to go because we believe that customer interactions will completely change over the next few years. We´re looking at creating holistic customer journeys where we can engage at every touch point and keep a conversation going, no matter where and when a customer interacts with us.”

“We also have a very strong set of ethical guidelines that means we look very closely at the technology perspective, the customer perspective and human perspective, which means; whose lives are we making better? That includes our customer service agents, who are at the front line of our business. We´re not trying to digitize every single call and remove humans, we´re trying to create the perfect balance between technology and people.”

As many leaders in the technology field are proving, a thoughtful process is required in order to maximize the impact of the technology.

“We study the psychology of customers and apply it to our solution. It´s not about just creating conversation flows, it’s about how you create them and your methodology or approach to building customer journeys. Having CAI in place is way more powerful than simple intent linguistic training.”

“That´s why I think Open Question was the best choice for us because we knew that we could achieve our vision of an omnichannel experience, looking at the customer from a 360-degree angle and being able to design really complex conversational solutions.”

To connect directly with Sarah and CEO Per Ottosson, register now to join the discussion and to learn about enterprise-grade Conversational AI implementation.

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