Sessions contain huge numbers of data and properties. A user input is a property, as is the name of a triggered flow, or the contents of a set variable, to name a few examples. In other words, properties are the basic queryable elements of session logs and a fundamental part of each query.

The properties that you can query are:

If you use the session viewer to examine a session, the right sidebar shows a scrollable list of all the available properties for that session. Properties in session viewer

One of the standard properties belonging to sessions is beginTime, which you can use to call up sessions that ran on a particular date or range of dates. The table below shows properties that are commonly used in queries. It is by no means exhaustive.

Property Description
beginTime The date and time the session began
userInput The text of the user input
fname The name of the flow that triggered
vname The name of the node (vertex) within a flow
outputText The text of an output node that was traversed
answerText The sum of all the output texts that make up the response

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