Troubleshooting tips

Whenever you run into a problem, you should first have a look at Try out to see what went wrong. A prerequisite to troubleshooting your solution is a good understanding of how to use Try out. Try out gives you all the information you need to see exactly what happened between sending a user input and receiving an answer. If you know how to interpret this information you can often immediately see the cause of the problem you encountered.

We categorize three main types of issues which are easy to spot at a high level:

  1. Warnings and errors in Try out
  2. Your flow isn't triggering
  3. Your flow is triggering but something went wrong inside the flow

Solutions can become quite dynamic over time, with many different components working together to contribute to the response, so it would be impossible to list every single error you might encounter in the respective categories. Instead we will focus here on the most common issues and their causes. This should make it possible to solve the majority of the problems you run into.

Before using Try out be sure you:

  1. Save the relevant flow or items you were working on (press Save All in the Solution window to be on the safe side).
  2. If Try out shows a Restart now or Reload now notification, press the given button.
  3. If Try out shows model training started wait for it to show model training completed.
  4. Be sure you are testing with the right input.

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