At this point, you have already created several flows in your solution and maybe you have started testing your bot in a published environment. This is a good occasion to take a step back and test the performance of your bot and potentially improve it. In the improvement section, we will introduce different methods and native Teneo tools which will help you develop and maintain a better solution. But also how these tools can assist with troubleshooting, debugging and prevent errors from going live.

Native tools

Teneo comes with plenty of tools that can help you with improving your solution. For example: Improve your solution based on automatically generated suggestions or perform quality assurance tasks using auto test. If you are interested in how you can analyze or improve your bot based on end user data which is collected and stored in Teneo’s data repository, head over to the section Analyze your bot or get a quick preview of how you can improve your class triggers on the page Improve your class triggers.

Troubleshooting and debugging

A big part of delivering a high-quality chat bot is to know how to efficiently troubleshoot and debug your solution. The improvement section will introduce you to some troubleshooting tips which might help you when you have run into trouble developing your flows, both with interpreting certain errors and how to solve them. The improvement section will also introduce how to use Try out to test and debug your solution. The page also features the Response information panel where you can inspect each stage in a transaction.

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