Update a LUIS Intent

Teneo offers a wide range of match requirements to add to your trigger, one of them is the Machine Learning-based Classes. We know from the previous page, Add a new LUIS intent, how to create a LUIS intent while working on a flow. This chapter will be about maintaining these classes.

While talking to the previously built coffee flow we can see that the flow doesn't have training data for the coffee type 'Cortado', even though it is a popular coffee type. In this guide we will update the LUIS intent to recognize the coffee type 'Cortado' as following:


User: Do you serve Cortado?
Bot: I'm not sure I know what you mean?


User: Do you serve Cortado?
Bot: We offer a variety of handcrafted coffee drinks - from espressos to macchiatos to flat whites and more.

Add a training example

In order to add a training example to our LUIS intent 'TELL_ME_ABOUT_YOUR_COFFEE' we need to open it up on LUIS by following these steps:

  1. Select 'Intents' located on the sidebar to the left under App Assets.
  2. Search for TELL_ME_ABOUT_YOUR_COFFEE and open the intent.
  3. Add the following training example, Do you serve Cortado.
  4. Press the 'Train' button located at the top right corner. This will train the intent and score the examples.
  5. Once the training is done press 'Publish' at the top right corner. This is so Teneo can retrieve it.
  6. Test the changes by pasting in the following line to Try Out Do you serve Cortado?

Now you'll see the before and after we added training data for the coffee type 'Cortado'.

When you go back to the Try Out window you will be able to test the changes immediately.

Test yourself

Now proceed with adding one more training example. This time for the coffee-type Americano. Don't forget to save and test your added example in Try Out.

What's next?

Great job, let's continue with storing coffee types inside LUIS Entities.

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