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The solution in the world of Teneo is the place where the developer implements the different dialogues (Flows) and it is the container of all the knowledge of a Conversational AI application; this page takes the reader through the editing options available for a solution as a whole, so from the moment the user opens Teneo Studio but before actually opening the solution.

Solutions list

Open a solution

Create new solution

The available options for Solution Content varies depending on the selected language and if template solutions (such as Teneo Conversational Modules) are available.

Solution Content

When creating a new solution, there are two options available for solution content:

  • Create from Template allows to create a solution based on a template available in the environment and for the selected language, usually a Teneo Dialogue Resource (Teneo Conversational Modules)
  • Create empty solution creates an empty solution with no solution content.

Delete solution

Deleting a solution in Teneo Studiocannot be undone