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Integrations are a reusable set of scripts which most commonly are used to connect to external services or on-device applications to create a sophisticated user experience to provide end-users with information in real time about, for example, the weather or the latest news.

The Integration Manager allows to define the scripts once and reuse them throughout the solution in Flows by adding Integration nodes.
Every Integration can contain one or more methods and, besides the execution script, each method has a name and optionally a description. Additionally, each method can contain input and output parameters.

Integration view

Integration window









This section currently only apply toTeneo Studio Desktop

To find out where an Integration is used in a solution, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Integration manager in the backstage of Teneo Studio (Solutions tab > Resources > Integration)
  • Select the Integration to search for
  • Click Search in the ribbon in the right side of the view
  • The Search results in the frontstage of Teneo Studio are automatically displayed


Availability setting

This setting can currently only be changed inTeneo Studio Desktop

When an integration is available, it can be added to Flows. Integrations that are not available will continue to work in Flows they have been added to but new usages cannot be created and the unavailable integration is not visible in new Flows.

Execution Script

The execution script is the script which is executed when the integration is called by a Flow.

Both the Integration's input parameters and the solution's Global Variables are available inside the script. A method's script can populate its output parameters as well as Global Variables.

Input parameters

The Input parameters allow the method to receive information from a Flow and can be strings, lists, objects, etc. The type depends on the type of the variable that was transferred by the Flow.

Input parameters are optional and their names cannot contain spaces.

Output parameters

The Output parameters allow the method to send information back to a Flow, and just as input parameters, the output parameters can be of type strings, lists, objects, etc.

Output parameters are optional and their names cannot contain spaces.