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Bot Output


The Bot Output(s) in the Flow editor permits writing one or more answers which are displayed to the end-user as the answer to their request when reaching a given Flow.

Add Bot Output

Edit Bot Output

To edit specifics of an Output node, in the open Flow, select the Output node to open the Output panel in the right side of the Flow window.
The below options are available for editing in the Output panel:

  • Output section: simply click in any of the fields or texts to update the name, description or hyperlink

If the hyperlink referred to in the Output should open in a new tab, add an Output parameter namedLINK_TARGET and give it the value _BLANK.

  • Answers:
    • Click in the Answer field to update an existing answer
    • Click Add to create a new answer
    • Set the order of multiple answers by clicking the Set Order button
      • When Set Order is clicked, the user is able to select Cycle for the answers to be given in the defined order and when reaching the end, return to the first answer again
    • Use the Drag and Drop to move the answers up or down
    • Select an emotion in the dropdown in the right side of the answer field
    • Delete an answer by clicking the X
  • Skip Conditions:
    Skip conditions work with Listeners and Variables, set these up first before following the below steps:
    • Click Add to add a skip condition
    • Write the raw script code (i.e. no need of curly brackets) in the text field
    • Choose the transition to Skip to if the condition evaluates to true
  • Resume Prompts:
    • Click Add to add a resume prompt
    • Write the answer text in the text field
    • Optionally select an emotion
    • The Allow output to be revisited option should be activated for the Resume Prompt functionality to work

Allow output to be revisited is by default set to Limit number of revisits to 2

  • Output Parameters
    Add output parameters to provide the frontend with information that has no place in the regular answer text:
    • Click Add to create an output parameter
    • Fill in the Name The name needs to be written without any spaces and to be unique within the Output node
    • Fill in the Value The value can be added directly in the value field for static values; variables or scripts should be preceded with the dollar sign and embraced by curly brackets, e.g. ${myVariable}
  • Metadata
    Metadata needs to be defined in Globals in Teneo Studio's backstage before they can be assigned to Output nodes:
    • Click Add to add a new Metadata definition
    • Select the Metadata from the drop-down menu
    • Set the value of the Metadata
    • Click the Eye button to watch/unwatch the Metadata

With the Flow open, follow the below steps to edit the Bot Output:

  • Click next to OUTPUT to give the Bot Output a name
  • Click Edit to edit the answer text
    • Click the answer text to update or write a new answer on one of the empty lines; jump from one answer to the next by pressing Tab
    • Add more answers to the Bot Output by clicking Add in the lower part of the Bot Output node
    • Delete an answer by hovering over the text and clicking X in the right side of the node
    • When finished, click Close
  • Remember to Save the Flow to preserve the changes.

Delete Bot Output