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The entries of an Entity can have zero, one or more variables attached and need to be of type string or script; when a variable is added all entries need to have a variable value.
String type variables are implicitly quoted and an variable value can be left empty when needed.
A script type variable can contain scripted values or manually quoted values, and when changing the type from string to script, quotes are added to the variable values; while changing from script to string any leading or trailing quotes are removed from variable values and the implicit ones remain.

Variable naming conventions

The name of a variable cannot contain spaces or other special characters nor be named lob or _USED_WORDS since it conflicts with special variables which hold those names.

Reserved characters in entries

Reserved characters used as entry values will automatically be escaped with quotes; a closing curly bracketed used as script variable value will automatically be escaped with a backslash.

Add and edit variables

Change Variable type

Delete Variable