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Metadata definitions

The use of Metadata in Teneo Studio is available in order to tag and log data. However, it is important to note that basic dialogue data such as the user inputs and the conversational AI application's answers are always logged by Engine, even if Metadata is not configured in Teneo Studio.

Teneo Studio allows to create Metadata definitions, which can be applied to Flows, Flow nodes or Transitions to obtain relevant information. Which Metadata definitions to create depends on what to measure and the project's needs.

Define what to measure

Before starting to work on the Metadata definitions in Teneo Studio, it is recommended to have a clear idea of what needs to be measured. It can be KPIs, marketing-related information, quality of the solution, when specific customer-service queries are answered, etc.

Adding Metadata to a Teneo Studio solution makes it possible to later analyze the conversation logs in a structured manner. Well-considered use of Metadata allows to analyze things like the below examples.

  • How many questions were asked about Subject A during last month?
  • How many business issues did the application solve for the visitors?
  • What user inputs did the application not recognized (i.e. ended up in the Safetynet)?
  • How important was Subject A compared to Subject B in the conversations over the past three months?
  • Is interest for Subject A picking up or diminishing?
  • What feedback do visitors have?
  • What caused negative feedback?
  • ...

Auto-Logging Value

Value standards

It is recommended that the team of Teneo Studio users agree on standards as to how values for Metadata should be specified.

This is because the values are case sensitive, so if one user set the AnalysisCategory for one Flow to CarryMe.Products.Travel.Aliens, while another user sets this value for another Flow as CarryMe.Products.Travel.aliens (note the different capitalization of the word aliens), the logs will end up with two distinct values.

Metadata Bundles

It is possible to create one Metadata definition which contains various Sub-definitions. Each Metadata Bundle has a name and a scope as any other Metadata definition, but can contain various sub-definitions for which the user can select the type (string, number, Boolean, tree), give a name and define the Auto-Logging Value.

These Metadata Bundles are assigned in Teneo Studio as other Metadata definitions, so with an individual field for each assignable sub-definition. And the values will be stored separately in data.

When logging, each individual Sub-definition is treated as any other Metadata definitions:

  • 1 definition element per Sub-definition at the top of the session
  • 1 value element per Sub-definition where assigned during the session
  • Name of each Metadata entry is the concatenation of the bundle name and the sub-definition name, e.g. BundleName_SubDefinitionName

The Metadata Bundles can therefore be used for querying Log Data, just as any other Metadata definition.

Create Metadata in Teneo Studio