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The Bulk Import works with the csv (comma delimited) file format. These files can be created using Excel (or any other compatible format).

Encoding in UTF-8 and UTF-8-BOM is supported.

The .csv format cannot mix an import of Language Objects, Entities and Q&A pairs, as each type of import (Language Objects, Entities or Q&A pairs) has different requirements to the organization of the content of the file.

However, the general requirements mentioned in this page applies to all three types of imports.

General specifications:

  • The fields are separated by commas (,) or semicolons (;)
  • Start tags are prefixed with the number sign (#)
  • New line / carriage returns / extra delimiters are ignored
  • Starting a new line with the #ignore tag, ignores the entire line during the import process and can be used to write headers or comments in the file.


When creating the csv file with a text editor or similar, double quotes ("") must be escaped with an extra double quote. In addition, the entire field must be double quoted. See examples below.

Quoted TLML Syntax



Condition example

String NLU Variable value


1"""New York"""

Language Object Variable

For string NLU Variable values, Groovy also permits single quotes, and they can be added to the csv file without having to be escaped:


1‘New York’

Language Object Variable