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Creating a listener

Before creating a listener, decide on the type of listener needed for the specific situation.

Global listener

In the main window of Teneo Studio, click the Solutions tab to go to the backstage of Teneo Studio. Select Globals and then Listeners in the top panel.

  • Click Add, in the dropdown menu select Pre-listener or Post-Listener
  • The new Listener window opens, write a Name and optionally a Description. Click the back-arrow in the top left corner when done
  • In the Condition field, add the words, Language Objects or Entities that should be matched in the user input
  • In the Execute Script field, specify what the listener should do when the condition is met. For example, assign a value to a declared variable. A possible operation could be sCardType = "Visa" (where sCardType is the name of the variable and Visa its value)
    It is also possible to set the value of a global variable or flow variable from a Language Object variable.
  • Advanced options:
    • Test sentences from: choose between Last to first (Default) or First to last
    • Limit unused words to: check this box to limit the unused words during the matching process and set a number of unused words to be recognized
    • Stop after: choose between First match, Current sentence tested and All sentences tested
  • Click Save.

Flow listener

To add a Flow Listener, please see here

Transition or Trigger listener

To add a Listener to a trigger or transition, please see here

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