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A transition is a connection between one Flow node and another, a Flow node can have one or more transitions coming in and leaving; and when more than one transition is leaving the same node, the user can define Matches or After Matches to specify in which case one transition should be triggered over another, so as such the transition itself cannot do anything, but functionalities can be added to the transition for it to allow for certain behaviors in the Flow. It is also possible to add examples of User Intents to a transition.

Adding User Intents to a transition indicates that there is an expectation of this transition to act on inputs, meaning an input should be given by the end-user to be able to continue to the next node. It also means, inside Teneo Studio Desktop, that Auto-test is available for the entered User Intents and as the transition is expected to be conditional, the Match is marked with TODO until the user specifies Match Requirements.

When User Intents are not added to the transition, it means that the transition is not expected to act on a user input, and the transition can be unconditional (i.e. neither Matches nor After Matches are defined), but it could also be conditional on, for example, variables or scripts (i.e. is weatherLocation set?, is the user logged in?, etc.) only that this conditionality is not directly linked to the current user input. Therefore, a transition with no User Intent but with some Matches defined allows users to have a conditional transition that is not Auto-tested (in Teneo Studio Desktop).

When the user adds a new transition in the Flow editor, transitions from any node but an Output node are by default unconditional and not required to match intent and therefore do not need any defined Matches to continue to the next node in the Flow. If the user adds a new transition from an Output node, the default however is that User Intent is expected and the section is marked with TODO until examples of User Intents are added and Matches defined. Lastly, if a transition leaving a node already exists, then any new transition added from the same node will by default get the same settings pre-select as the already existing transition.

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