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Output parameters

Output parameters, which can be added along with the answer text of Output nodes, can be used to provide the frontend of a conversational AI application with information that has no place in the regular answer text, for example, parameters to open an extended view or to send a JSON object to a frontend to create an appointment on the end-user's device.

An extended view can be used to provide end-users with additional information, for example, a variable with a certain additional content can be declared and then an Output parameter can send that additional content to the frontend so that it is displayed in an extended view of the interface. The extended view consists of an HTML fragment which is included in a different frame of the web interface.

Output parameters consists of two fields in Teneo Studio: Name and Value; each Output node can have as many Output parameters as needed. The Name of the Output parameter needs to be written without any spaces, and the Value can be added directly in the value field for static values while variables or scripts have to be written with the dollar sign and embraced by curly brackets, i.e. ${myVariable} .

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