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Merging solutions

The options and functionalities described in this page currently only apply toTeneo Studio Desktop

Add content

It is possible to import content to a solution from a solution file; to do this follow the below steps:

  • After opening the solution, go to the backstage of Teneo Studio (Solution tab > Import/Export)
  • Click Add Content
  • Browser to the location of the solution file, select it and click Open
  • Optionally, enter a comment and click Continue

The import of the solution file starts, click Run in background to keep working on other tasks meanwhile; Teneo Studio notifies the user when the import has finished.

Order group behavior

The following behavior is defined when merge-importing a solution:

  • Order groups are only merged if the groups have the same Id
  • Order groups with the same Name (but a different Id) will have a number appended to make the name unique
  • All Order groups from the merge-imported solution will be added to the top of the Trigger ordering
  • The Default Order group will be the one coming from the merge-imported solution

Merging solutions with Global Context