Teneo Developers

Operations on the discoveries

Right-click menu

Right-clicking any concept or association displays a menu of actions which can be performed.

Right click menu


The actions available for Concepts include:

  • Load inputs for this concept (read more)
  • Show in ConceptBurst view (read more)
  • Hide this concept
  • Add bookmark to this concept
  • Details (about the concept)
  • Add this word forms to the stop words list
  • Add word forms to the anti-stem list
  • Add word forms to the custom vocabulary list
  • Add word forms to merging list
  • Rename
  • Change POS-Tag
  • Add note
  • Re-analyze concept
  • Set category (read more)
  • Export this concept (read more)


The actions available through the right-click menu for Associations include:

  • Load inputs for this association (read more)
  • Hide this association
  • Add bookmark to this association
  • Details (about the association)
  • Add note
  • Set category (read more)
  • Re-analyze association
  • Export this association (read more)

Note that when multi-selecting concepts or associations the menu gives access to further actions, among others the Merge option that allows to merge together two or more concepts to create just one concept out of the selection.


From the right-click menu, it is possible to manually assign a concept or association (or a selection of either) to a category.

By selecting Set category from the right-click menu, the user can select the desired category.

Set category through the right click menu

The user can also move all concepts/associations which matches an applied filter (or combination of filters) to a selected category from the Assign button available in the Visualization toolbar, making it possible to "mass-classify" concepts or associations in one go.

Manage Categories

When the Categories view is open, right-clicking any of the category folders gives the user access to a context menu with the below listed options.

Right click menu for Categories

  • Add category: add a new category
  • Rename category: rename a category
  • Delete category: delete a category
  • Move all concepts to: move all concepts in the category to another category
  • Move all associations to: move all associations in the category to another category
  • Move all elements to: move all elements (concepts and associations) in the category to another category
  • Re-analyze concepts: re-analyze the concepts in the category
  • Export category concepts: export the concepts of the category

Read more about navigating by categories.


When selecting multiple concepts or associations (press Ctrl while selecting), the context menu when right-clicking, offers more actions.

One of the actions available is the Merge these concepts option. This enables the user to group together concepts such as synonyms or list items into one and the same concept.

Merge these concepts

Also see Auto-merge Concepts.

Export for Teneo Studio

The user can export content from Teneo Discovery into several formats, for example, to get a summary overview or to further work with the data in some other tool.

Teneo Discovery also allows to export in .csv format compatible with the Bulk import functionality of Teneo Studio, making it possible to export concepts or associations from Teneo Discovery to import them into Teneo Studio as either Language Objects, Entities or Question and Answer flows.

Export to Studio Bulk import format

When selecting from categories, the user can select which categories and subcategories to export.

Export of selected categories

Language Objects

In the below images, synonyms have been created with the merging functionality. These have been categorized as Language Objects and can be exported as such with the Studio Bulk import format and then imported into Teneo Studio where Language Objects automatically will be created.

Concepts to export

Objects create in Studio from Discovery Export

It is also possible to add a Project prefix to the exported items and when importing into Teneo Studio, all items will be created with this prefix:

Prefix assigned in Discovery

For the specific steps to create Language Objects by using Teneo Discovery's Studio Bulk import format functionality, please see here.


The categories created either automatically or manually in Teneo Discovery can be exported to create Entity objects in Teneo Studio. Note that each category will become one Entity, while the entry values are the word forms of the concepts, and the values of string variables are the names of the concepts.

Concept export from Discovery to Teneo Studio as Entities

For information on how to create the Bulk import format, please see here.

Q and A Flows

When exporting categories as Question and Answer (Q and A) flows, the overlaying category structure will also be imported as folders into Teneo Studio.

The Q and A flows can be exported with a Syntax Match Requirement or Class Match Requirement.

Categories imported to Teneo Studio as folders

The user can select if the content of a category should become separate flows in a folder with the category name, or if all items in a category should become flow triggers grouped into one flow with the name of the category.

This is done by checking/unchecking the option Please select the categories that should be treated as flows.

Please select the categories that should be treated as flows

If notes have been added to concepts or associations in Teneo Discovery, these will be exported as the answer text of Output nodes in Studio.

If grouping several concepts/associations which all have a note into one flow, the notes will become additional answers to the flow.

When exporting Q and A Flows with Class Match Requirements, there are two ways of exporting:

  • One Class Match Requirement for all concepts/associations in a category folder
  • One Class Match Requirement per concepts/associations in a category folder, all in the same flow, by checking the box Create one trigger per element

For more information on how to execute a bulk import, please see here.

Export of inputs

The user can export All inputs in the tab delimited format .tsv and customize the file, export headers, association names, category names, etc. in addition to the actual inputs, even allowing to export ready-made Classes with training data to be imported into the Class manager in Teneo Studio. Read more under Class Manager Window.

Export inputs

The option Only one category per input, available when exporting inputs behind items of selected categories, offers an alternative to assign inputs that appear in multiple categories to one prioritized category only.

As a simple example, an analysis has the categories: "tell joke" and "tell funny joke".

The "tell joke" category contains the "tell - joke" association and the "tell funny joke" category contains the "tell funny - joke" association.

Tell funny joke category and association

When exporting, the user can select first to export those two categories and then select a priority category to the categories:

Set priority of order of categories

This means that inputs that normally would appear in multiple categories now only appear in one: the one with the highest priority.

For the above example, this means that all inputs belonging to "tell funny joke" category will NOT appear in the "tell joke" category in the exported data file.

This can for example be useful when creating training data to be used for Machine Learning models, as the data would be much cleaner without confusing overlaps.