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Teneo Discovery

Teneo Discovery is deprecated as of theTeneo Platform 6.0 release.

Teneo Discovery is Artificial Solutions' visual text-mining tool, that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), unsupervised statistical computing and machine learning to automatically bring to light what customers say and how they say it, from large amounts of unstructured data.

Teneo Discovery complements the Teneo Platform in the earliest stages of conversational AI applications development by ingesting customer data and turning it into attractive visualizations, allowing users to visually see the voice of the customer and get an overview of what the conversational AI application to be build will need to cater to.

Teneo Discovery can also be used during the development of a conversational AI application and in the optimization phases to visualize what end-users commonly says and to help detect inconsistencies in the solution.

In this section the user can find the following topics:

Functionality, main views and analysis types
Supported languages
Getting started - The analyses view
Getting started - Create an analysis
View analyses and discoveries
Concept and Association views, paging tool and filter options
Operations available for concepts and associations
Merge concepts
Export for Teneo Studio
Export of inputs