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Teneo users

In the Teneo Platform, users and users' permissions are managed in Teneo Manager and, usually, by the administrator of the organization or an admin Teneo user.

User permissions

Teneo Manager provides the following permission options for Teneo Studio users:

  • Teneo Admin
  • Global
  • Exporter
  • Export IP Setup
  • Publish To File
  • Publish to Production
  • Modify Publish Environment
  • Modify Quality Settings
  • Export as Library
  • View Libraries
  • Delete Libraries
  • Link LDSs

Global user versus (regular) user

  • Global users can open and edit all the solutions in the customer.
  • (Regular) users can open all the solutions in the customer, but only edit the solutions of which they are owners.
  • Customer is the term used for a container in the Teneo database that holds all the solutions belonging to the same customer.
  • Solution owner: the user who creates a solution will be the solution owner and will have full access to it. A solution owner can add other users to the solution owners list to grant full access to the solution.
  • Read-only view: when a (regular) user opens a solution of which he/she is not the owner, the read-only view will be shown. This means that the (regular) user will not be able to make any changes at all. The ribbon buttons will not be available, text-boxes will be read-only, etc.

(Regular) users are able to manage solutions in terms of solution content, such as flows, language objects, resources, etc. The (regular) users can be granted further user permissions (as listed in the above section User permissions), depending on project needs and tasks. These user permissions are managed in Teneo Manager.

Adding owners to a solution in Teneo Studio

In order to have full access to a solution, a (regular) user can within Teneo Studio be added to a solution as solution owner. This can be done by either a (current) solution owner or a global user. Follow the below steps to add a user as solution owner:

  • Open the solution and go to the backstage of Teneo Studio (Solution tab > Solution) and select Owners in the top of the window
  • Click Edit in the top-right area
  • In the list of users (in the right side of the view), double-click the user(s) to add to the list of Solution owners
    If the current user is not in the list of solution owners, but is a global user, he or she can add themselves by double-clicking their name in the list
  • Click Save to confirm the changes.


Note that a solution can have various owners and no current solution owner will be affected by adding another.

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